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Paul Mckenna I can make you thin

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melbob Thu 30-Jun-05 20:15:57


has anyone used this CD does it work?

jambo1707 Thu 30-Jun-05 21:15:19

i would be interested too

mancmum Thu 30-Jun-05 22:21:17

yes it does but requires quite a lot of reading/repeat listening to CD and willpower!! (in other words it is just like any other diet!!)

melbob Thu 30-Jun-05 23:09:08

MM did you use it?

Katya Fri 01-Jul-05 10:13:54

I think the CD a useful extra to your diet plan. Not sure how often supposed to listen to it !

The book is useful for focussing on how hungry you actually feel and taking more notice of what you actually eat, rather than wolfing it down without paying attention to hunger levels or how full you feel.

franke Fri 01-Jul-05 10:16:39

I found the cd didn't do it for me - I could never quite switch off. But I have reread the book a few times and find that really helpful. And I have actually become slimmer and less food-obsessed.

mancmum Fri 01-Jul-05 10:43:57

I have used it and really got on with it well.. however you need to stick at it (obviously..) for it to work long term... I find that if I don't read book/listen to CD I have slip out of the good messages that do work -- I lost about 7lb when I used it --- I like it as you can eat any food -- just obviously in controlled portions - it has made be think differently about food -- and that is a good thing that no other diet has achieved!

franke Fri 01-Jul-05 10:55:11

Agree with mancmum - and also he says in the book that you'll have bad days (weeks?) Just start again and don't beat yourself up about it.

Listmaker Fri 01-Jul-05 11:18:39

Haven't read this or anything but did get hypnotised to lose weight years ago. That was based on just getting you to eat three meals a day with no snacking at all and if you were hungry to eat but to take time to think whether you really were hungry before you did etc. I used these principles a few years ago again and lost nearly 3 stone. There's no need to do funny diets etc - just eat three meals a day and stop when you are full and you lose it! I called it my eating like a thin person diet!!

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