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Emotional eater staring the alizonne diet in January any one want to join me.

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kurves Sun 27-Dec-09 16:04:29

I am a emotional eater i see found as a source of pleasure that something that we need to survive. I am starting the alizonne diet on the 13 of January and tomorrow i start a healthy eating plan to help to ease me into it and to also lose 7lbs by the 13th please feel free to leave a comment as i will be leaving regular posts to show my progress. I am 5 ft 4 and 13 stones target weight 10 stones.or 140lbs.

kurves Sun 10-Jan-10 11:18:40

i was told to do a 12 hour fast and the bloods cost £85.I had lipo so i want to get the weight off my back and tighten my belly i can only afford to do this for ten weeks then after that to maintain my weight i will be going to the gym and also watching what i eat i do not want to be this fat every again.
how are you feeling this morning derevkofan are you still feeling sick . you must feel better now.

cenglish Sun 10-Jan-10 12:34:12

i was told not to eat 5 and half hours before my appointment and that bloods cost £85. Was told i can just have the consultation at £100 then go home and decide. but i think i already know that i want it just scared of needles.

do u just get bloods done once at the start?

kurves Sun 10-Jan-10 13:30:39

where are you doing yours cause for my consultation and bloods its 85 then my first week is 312 that includes meals and starter pack . then it will be 200 for the rest then it goes down as you go to different phases.

cenglish Sun 10-Jan-10 15:56:58

i am going in London its funny how the prices varies

kurves Sun 10-Jan-10 16:05:32

I am going to a partner clinic in maiden head.this wednesday.i cannot wait because i have never been this fat in my life and am so unhappy i do not want any one to see me my self esteem has taken a low i will be keeping a journal that i will up date 2 to 3 times a week. being trapped in the house because of the snow does not help,

derevkofan Mon 11-Jan-10 13:22:03

cenglish - they do bloods again throughout the programme to check on how you're doing etc. Still feeling hungry and a bit nauseous at times, day 17 today but I'm starting to experiment a bit more with the recipes on the alizonne forum otherwise I'll get bored with it. Still in ketosis so I know that any weight I lose will have some fat in it instead of just water. Lots of cravings, though, as the sachets, whatever they are, just don't provide anything solid. Rhubarb is saving my life at the moment!

kurves Mon 11-Jan-10 15:01:09

You have come along way just stay focused .

Friendlypizzaeater Mon 11-Jan-10 17:22:46

You are doing so well smile note to self - must buy rhubarb !!

kurves Mon 11-Jan-10 17:32:11

i have never cooked rhubarb before the only time that i have had it is in crumble what do you do just boil it but does it not taste sour.

BalloonSlayer Mon 11-Jan-10 17:44:24

Just clicked on this thread as it was on "most active" so apologies for the intrusion.

I hope you don't mind me asking, but I'd have thought this kind of diet (extremely rigid, only sustainable in the short-term, expensive) would be the worst sort for emotional eaters. Presumably I am wrong, but why is it good for EE? Is it because they phone you?

derevkofan Tue 12-Jan-10 13:20:06

Kurves, I just blast the rhubarb in the microwave! Was disappointed at my weight-in today as despite sticking rigidly to the diet and feeling sick and hungry every day I have lost less than a pound in the last week. However, this does happen somethimes and you go from large weight losses one week to small the next and back again, despite eating the same things. Will keep my fingers crossed for next week!

kurves Tue 12-Jan-10 14:01:33

i think you may have lost inches so just stick at it. next week you will be shocked .

i had to change my date as the time table for the kids school has changed due to weather and i would not be able to make it so i am now going in on the 27 of jan not good . this weather has to stop.

geordieminx Tue 12-Jan-10 14:20:11

I'm sorry but you all seem to be paying a HUGE amount of money for these sachets/treatments/etc but really the results are no different than if you went to WW or SW, or followed a low cal/atkins/whatever diet.

If you have been over-eating, and go onto a strict diet then it is normal to loose 1/2 a stone in the first week. 1lb weight loss in the second week isnt good - I'm sorry but it sounds like a massive con to me.

You would be better enrolling in a class such as WW or SW for moral support, and joining a gym - far better use of the money - infact for money that you are spending you could probably have a good few sessions with a nutrionalist/personal trainer.

derevkofan Tue 12-Jan-10 15:18:20

The main reason that I'm doing this programme is for the contouring treatments which help to target the weight loss - whenever I lose weight I am left with large fat deposits in specific areas which this treatment targets. It also helps to prevent loose skin which some people suffer from after weight loss. If it was just the food aspect, I'd do another diet and wouldn't be paying all the money that I am.

cenglish Wed 13-Jan-10 08:00:04

hi all, tomorrow is my consultation so excited. so will they tell me how long it will take me too lose my weight. And do they give u a target or can you set one yourself?

Its snowing in london today, so its going to be nice and icy tomorrow, so scared of ice just in case i slip. But nothing going to stop me missing my appointment.

Going for a couple of drinks today after work and that will prob be my last boo hoo.

kurves Wed 13-Jan-10 10:06:10

i am stuck in the snow AGAIN so i cannot go till the 27th so i will probably start in Feb oh the pain but i found some where down by me that does the skin tightening treatments and body wraps so until then i will be going to the gym and weight watchers cause i do not want to gain any more weight while i wait hope to try and lose a stone by then then i will only have a bit to lose on the alizonne good luck on your consultation let me know how you get along.

derevkofan Wed 13-Jan-10 11:59:46

cenglish, when you go they will ask you how much you want to lose and will discuss whether this will lead to you being within a healthy BMI range. They will then calculate how long it will take you to lose that amount if you stick to the programme. Shame about all the snow - it's also bad where I live which means I'm paying out a fortune in taxis as the bus services keep being suspended. It's better in the area where my clinic is, thankfully - it's just getting from where I live to there that's been a pain so far!

cenglish Wed 13-Jan-10 14:08:21

derevkofan, are you allowed to miss any weeks ie sickness, holidays etc?

derevkofan Wed 13-Jan-10 17:40:51

As far as I can gather if you miss some weeks, depending on the reason, they can move you to phase 2 (if you're on phase 1 at the time)temporarily but that would slow down the weight loss. Also, if you have a week off partway through and go back to your normal eating habits, particularly if you're taking a break from phase 1, you'll put some weight on and then have to go back to phase 1 for longer. It is a long-term commitment but they do help you to plan for any holidays by adapting the phases, keeping in mind that this may lengthen your time to reach your target weight

cenglish Thu 14-Jan-10 20:16:02

Had my appointment today, and was told it would take 8 weeks. 4 weeks on phase 1, 2 weeks on phase 2,

They said my body was made up of alot of subborn fat that doesnt shift easy.

said i wanted to be 10stone but was advised to go 10stone 3lbs as 10 would be too much

very nice not pushy or hard sell even gave me 3 sachets to try

derevkofan Fri 15-Jan-10 14:39:07

I had an extra skin tightening treatment today and have lost another 2lbs since Tuesday so that makes up for the previous 7 day weight loss of only a pound! 8 weeks is fabulous. I have another 9 weeks to go after 3 weeks (day 21 today!)but have a total of 3 stones to lose. Hope you like the sachets!

cenglish Fri 15-Jan-10 17:20:54

have they suggested you to have extra sessions or is it your chose. they suggested i should go for 2 if possible fat melting (dont know technical name) session

cenglish Fri 15-Jan-10 17:22:09

i' a bit hunger over from wednesday night so i wont try a sachet till tomorrow

derevkofan Fri 15-Jan-10 17:59:46

The skin tightening is more effective if you have a certain number of sessions so I've opted for extra as if I only had them weekly, considering the target time, I won't have had the optimum. This all depends on how much weight you have to lose but this is the treatment that reduces the risk of loose skin after weight loss so I'm all for the best results I can get from that - don't want loose skin on my belly! I still have it done weekly at the same time as the fat melting but have booked in 2 extra skin tightening sessions to take me up to 14 total over the 12 weeks. I've discovered the vanilla dessert sachets which I make as a milkshake and add a little coffee to - absolutely gorgeous!!

cenglish Fri 15-Jan-10 18:10:44

yeah one of the girls in the clinic said that to me said its like a latte

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