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Emotional eater staring the alizonne diet in January any one want to join me.

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kurves Sun 27-Dec-09 16:04:29

I am a emotional eater i see found as a source of pleasure that something that we need to survive. I am starting the alizonne diet on the 13 of January and tomorrow i start a healthy eating plan to help to ease me into it and to also lose 7lbs by the 13th please feel free to leave a comment as i will be leaving regular posts to show my progress. I am 5 ft 4 and 13 stones target weight 10 stones.or 140lbs.

derevkofan Sat 02-Jan-10 13:15:42

I'm still peeing for England! Haven't had a decent night's sleep in over a week as I keep getting up to pee! I'm the same as you, no clothes buying. My jeans were too tight and splitting at the seams but I have resisted buying the next size up as in a few weeks I'm hoping they'll be too big and I can fit into the smaller jeans that have been in the drawer for months. Also still hungry. However, the doc said at the beginning that my BMR was unusually high for my weight and that they may have to add in an extra meal for me so I'll see what they say on Tuesday. Not long for you now!!

Friendlypizzaeater Sat 02-Jan-10 14:07:48

I have my consultation next Thursday so getting excited now. Off out to a Chinese buffett Xmas meal on Sat so hope to start the following week .....

kurves Sat 02-Jan-10 14:39:32

you hyave come this far derkovan keep it up.I am so excited for you looking forward to tuesday.

friendlypizzaeater enjoy your meal.

Disenchanted3 Sat 02-Jan-10 14:55:08

WOW, those before and after photos are amazing on the website,

I would do it if I had the £££ but unfortumatly am wondeing if I can afford weight watchers so well out of my leauge! grin

I hope it goes well!

kurves Sun 03-Jan-10 12:26:51

dereckofan how are you today hope you arev feeling ok. Only 2 more days till treatment and weigh in.

derevkofan Mon 04-Jan-10 10:08:46

Got up not hungry for the first time this morning. Still got up 3 times during the night to pee, though - I've experienced this on diets before but only for the first few days but I haven't had a decent night's sleep for the past 10 nights now so this could become a problem. Will let you know how mcuh weight I've lost tomorrow after my weigh-in. Next week for you to start!!

kurves Mon 04-Jan-10 16:19:15

I know i was thinking about it today and am really excited .I went out to wanga mamas with my ds today as he was not at school and his brother was so i wanted to spend some quality time with him alone as his brother was at school I got a wii fit today from a friend who had got one for christmas and did not want it it was a deal at £70 as it was still in the box and not opened the cheapest i have seen the wii fit plus for is £85 on play .com but i am sure i saw it for £73. But i got it now really happy. I am going to weigh on it in the morning as i start the gym in the morning and cutting back i want to lose some weight before i go as then less money.

I am so HAPPY that you are not hungry from now on it should be smooth sailing have you had your first treatment yet. What time are you weighing tomorrow so excited to see how you get on. I wonder if the peeing is part of the ketosis thing make sure to mention it tomorrow when you go to the clinic.
Ask smileymylee if she had the same experience she lost a whopping 8 stones and got rewarded with a baby . who could ask for more.grin

kurves Tue 05-Jan-10 12:08:32

Friendly pizza eater does that mean you will start that day or will you have to wait i got next wed that means that u must start on the 14 i am so excited now just want to lose this weight but cannot stop eating so low i wonder if its to do with my cycle i just have to pray to god to get me through this. I think when i see derekofans weight loss it will give me that xtra push i need feeling fat ugly and lazy today sad

derevkofan Tue 05-Jan-10 15:02:11

Hi all, had my first weigh-in after starting the diet - took me 3 hours to get to the clinic in the snow - and I've lost just over 8 lbs in the first 10-11 days. Also had my first treatment today - it was okay except on my thighs but she said it does sometimes feel uncomfortable where there's cellulite!! Asked about the peeing - it's just because of the amount of water you have to drink plus all the water added to the sachets every day and the fact that I am getting rid of toxins. I've been on the Alizonne site forum for the first time today - there are lots of people who can't stomach the sachets but there's only the strawberry milkshake that I don't like so far so that's good. Got some pasta today so I'll see what that's like later. Good luck with starting the gym and the Wii fit!

Friendlypizzaeater Tue 05-Jan-10 16:30:07

Derevkofan - Wow, well done you !are you pleased ? Do you feel any different yet ?

Kurves - don;t now just got this meal on saturday so if push could start on Sunday, depends what they say (and of course if I get there, currently not a cat in hells chance, we've got 6" snow and its still coming and I live on a mountain !!!) I also can;t stop eating this week - grr !!

kurves Tue 05-Jan-10 16:55:01

Yess it was worth it well done so happy for you derevkofan that was so quick how do you feel in yourself you must feel good and some of your clothes must be fitting differently. So so happy for you to be honest i was thinking of backing out but no way now just feel so big and ugly.

i know how you feel they have predicted snow were i am for tonight so going out to do some extra food shop for the boys hope fully it will not happen and be a ok for next week. I cannot stop eating eather is it a mind thing.

derevkofan Wed 06-Jan-10 09:00:38

Hi all, I can't actually tell myself that I've lost weight as my clothes are no looser but the girl at the clinic yesterday said I looked slimmer and the scales showed a loss. Not sure where I've lost it from at the moment. Hopefully now that I've started the treatments I should start to lose in the problem areas (abdomen and thighs!) I had the pasta yesterday - it was a bit bland but not unpleasant - I'm going to need to spice it up a bit, though, to give it some flavour next time. Glad I managed to get in yesterday as it appears that transport routes between where I live and the clinic are closed today. Work is also closed so I'm at home all day - thankfully the only food I have in the house is for the diet so I can't stray!

kurves Fri 08-Jan-10 00:32:31

Its been really bad for me we lost power from 11 o'clock yesterday and we have just got it back on from 10 o'clock you should feel really motivated now the snow is really bad where i am and they said more for Sunday i do not know if i can make it in to the clinic on Wednesday looks like i may have to move it for the next week i hope not i just want to get on with it hope all is well where you are and you keep it up. you still hungry?

derevkofan Fri 08-Jan-10 11:31:26

I'm absolutely revenous! I woke up this morning and felt nauseous I was so hungry then I was having to force down a sachet because whatever anyone says, they don't taste like real food! Really struggling at the moment but I'm trying to persevere. Hope the weather is improving where you are! I've been on the alizonne patient forum and there are a lot of people on there who also feel sick and hungry and several people who have completed the diet but put the weight back on again. They are complaining about this but people have to take responsibility for their own eating habits and if they go on to consume thousands of calories every day after the diet of course they'll put the weight back on! I'd love a slice of toast at the moment but can't have that until phase 3 which is several weeks away! All the TV ads at the moment seem to be for foods that I like so I'm trying to stay away from the TV as well. Hope you manage to get into the clinic on the 13th!

cenglish Fri 08-Jan-10 12:04:39


i have read your posts and decided to make an appointment.

I have 21lbs to lose, which i have struggle with as i am getting older.

My appointment is next thursday and it cant come soon enough so excited

Friendlypizzaeater Fri 08-Jan-10 13:28:32

My appointment has been moved to the 18th sad though am "warm" comfort eating at the mo ....

kurves Fri 08-Jan-10 14:16:39

Is it really derefovan thought that if you did not eat over the calories that they told you you would not put the weight back on. please be dtrong do you feel dizzy or any thing else like headaches.

cenglish Fri 08-Jan-10 18:34:40

Kurves how long have they given u to lose 3 stone?

derevkofan Sat 09-Jan-10 09:30:27

I've been given 11-12 weeks to lose 3 stones. The people on the site who are complaining are talking about weight gain after reverting to their previous over-eating and they are blaming Alizonne for this - as I said, people have to take responsibility for their own eating habits once they have finished the programme instead of thinking that the alizonne clinic should be ringing them every week for the rest of their lives. Having said that, a significant proportion of people who do this diet do put weight back on because they don't stick to the calorie allowance they've been given so it's not just about losing weight over a few months, it's also about making a commitment for years to come to eat healthily and sensibly which a lot of people don't seem able to do. I am concerned myself that once I'm allowed bread and crisps again I won't be able to stop as at the moment my cravings for these things are at a high. Feel dizzy in the mornings and if doing any exercise at all. Apparently that does pass but I think they may give me an extra sachet a day as they do say that you need this if you exercise. A lot of people say you don't need to exercise to lose weight on this diet and this is true but for me exercise is part of my new healthy lifestyle and I have to think about my health as well as my weight. Was really hungry last night, even after having my evening meal of an omelette and stirfry followed by stewed rhubarb. Rhubard is the only fruit-like item that's allowed in phase 1 so it's my life saver at the moment to try to counteract my sweet cravings! I'm trying to keep myself occupied so that I stop thinking about food! Although being told you don't feel hungry on this diet, this is not true for me so far, or for lots of people on the alizonne forum so we'll see how that goes. 2 weeks down, another 9-10 weeks to go!

cenglish Sat 09-Jan-10 09:44:33

i hope to lose the weight, and i will try not to go back to my old eating habits, becuase i would of spent so much money to look good.

And once i have lost a bit of weight i hope that i have a bit of confidence to join a gym to help me keep the weight of once i have reached my target.

Are you allowed coffee on this diet?

cenglish Sat 09-Jan-10 09:50:04

also another question (sorry)

do you lose weight all over your body? I have rugby thighs and big calfs and i would love to lose both so that i can wear trendy clothes and be a yummy mummy.

kurves Sat 09-Jan-10 13:13:12

I have not been in for my consultation yet it is on Wednesday weather permitting but i cannot continue to eat loads so today i started to count points weight watchers so i can lose a little until i can get in they say i can give a days notice so i will see how the weather is on Tuesday.then i have to wait a week to start cause my blood results have to come through if all goes to plan i should start in 2 weeks.

for now really trying to control my eating. I must admit that i do feel better when not gorging myself i know that it is emotional.

derevkofan Sat 09-Jan-10 15:51:40

cenglish - the treatments that you have done in the clinic help you to target the areas to lose weight. This is the main reason that I'm doing this programme as I could probably lose the weight on another diet but I would end up with blobs of fat and sagging skin in some areas. So, for example, when I saw the doctor at first he said that they would target my stomach first, then my thighs etc. You have the fat releasing treatment in these areas for several weeks and then change to the next on your list. The skin tightening is done all over to try to minimise sagging skin left by weight loss. This treatment is also quite good for cellulite I've been told! Coffee is allowed but not milk until about phase 3 I think. You need to drink at least 2 litres of water a day plus tea and coffee with sweeteners though you are asked not to overdo the sweetener

cenglish Sat 09-Jan-10 17:07:54

oh good because i would die without my morning coffee, even it is without milk i can cope.

I also tried other diets lost the weight, but doesnt it always go from places you dont want it to go from. Like i am bottom heavy and small on top with no boobs.

My consultation is on thursday, so should i get my bloods done as well so that i am not waiting a extra week to start the diet.

one thing thou i hate needles i nearly faint

derevkofan Sun 10-Jan-10 10:18:08

They usually do the bloods at your initial consultation - if they are planning to do this they would have told you not to have anything to eat or drink after midnight. It's probably worth ringing the clinic to check on this is you're unsure whether they will be taking bloods or not. I'm also bottom heavy so I'm looking forward to losing some weight from the buttocks and thighs!

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