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Emotional eater staring the alizonne diet in January any one want to join me.

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kurves Sun 27-Dec-09 16:04:29

I am a emotional eater i see found as a source of pleasure that something that we need to survive. I am starting the alizonne diet on the 13 of January and tomorrow i start a healthy eating plan to help to ease me into it and to also lose 7lbs by the 13th please feel free to leave a comment as i will be leaving regular posts to show my progress. I am 5 ft 4 and 13 stones target weight 10 stones.or 140lbs.

Candlewax Mon 28-Dec-09 12:06:54

How much is the Alizonne? Good luck by the way!

kurves Mon 28-Dec-09 14:21:50

well i will be going to the court house clinic in maiden head. i pay 85 pounds for consultation and in the first week i pay 335 for my food and starter pack and blood tests. Then it will be 200 pounds a week then goes down to 175 then i think 125. this all includes endermologie and the fat melting treatments these combined help to tighten the skin and target fat deposits. i have not started yet but i will on the 13th of jan . I know it will not be easy but i am determined to lose the weight and find my self again. I want to make it fun more than any thing.

Bodenbabe Mon 28-Dec-09 17:41:20

fat melting? hmm

kurves Mon 28-Dec-09 20:12:58

They usen a machine to empty the fat cells go on to the alizonne web site for more info.

ConnieComplaint Mon 28-Dec-09 22:11:47

Far be it for me to judge anyone, but that's an awful lot of money.... think of the fruit & veg you could buy with all that, maybe even a gym membership... join a class - that's all be more fun than having fat sucked out.

But I wish you the best of luck, because you've made this decision therfore it must be right for you & suit your lifestyle Keep us up to date

SmileyMylee Tue 29-Dec-09 11:27:18

Believe me it is a lot of money, but nothing compared to the cost of a new wardrobe when you've lost all the weight (or the cost of the baby that I have now managed to conceive after years of trying!)

I lost 8 stones on this diet in less than 6 months and it wasn't even hard. No other diet or exercise and healthy eating plan worked for me. I normally lost a stone and then the weight loss stopped and then I gave up and comfort eat until I'd put even more weight on.

For people who have a lot of weight to lose, I can't recommend it enought.

kurves Tue 29-Dec-09 11:45:51

It is alot of money but if this will help me towards the body that i want and to be healthy again its worth it my self esteem is the pits right now and i cannot even stomach to shop for clothes anymore. In fact when i go clothes shopping i am always close to tears. lipo was the not a good idea i wish that i had done this first .But that is in the past and i must move on thinking positively.

kurves Tue 29-Dec-09 11:50:25


Did you not feel hunger at all and how was your first week what was the consultaion like did it really tighten you up and does the fat melting really work to those target areas. i am at the momment counting down the days.grinthe only good thing the lipo did for me was give me bigger boobs.

Candlewax Tue 29-Dec-09 13:09:43

Smileymiley, can I ask, how has your weight been since finishing the programme? Is it easy to maintain?

Well done on losing 8 stone!smile

PrivetDancer Tue 29-Dec-09 14:29:18

Looking forward to seeing how you get on kurves!

SmileyMylee Tue 29-Dec-09 18:00:24

Kurves, the first 2 days were tough but mainl because I didn't like some of the sachets. You don't have to feel hungry if ou don't want to. At the beginning, I would have huge salads for lunch and for dinner - tomato soup, omellete with loads of unlimited vegetables and rhubarb with natural yoghurt. The aubergine roghan josh is also very filling. Eating regularly helps. Quite often I was fed up of eating and hard to force down the 5th sachet.

The fat melting does target the areas, but it cannot get rid or empty fat cells so I still have a bit of a tummy.

Candlewax - too early for me to say as I had to finish the programme as I got pregnant. I haven't put weight on yet ( 1 month including Christmas) but I am eating much healthier. My husband however lost 5.5 stones and he has maintained it for 4 months (and counting), but the forum has lots of stories of people putting the weight back on. But Alizonne isn't a miracle cure - you can lose the weight on it, but if you go back to old habits you will put the weight back on.

madamearcati Tue 29-Dec-09 19:24:48

Is there a website for them ? Can't find one ?

Cybilshoeboots Tue 29-Dec-09 19:26:15

OMG I can't believe you are spending all that money on a diet.

Cybilshoeboots Tue 29-Dec-09 19:27:22

If you an emotional eater buy some sessions with a therapist to get to the bottom of WHY you overeat.

kurves Tue 29-Dec-09 19:35:18


Tell your husband from me well done . My problem is that i as working out going to the gym and trying everything but the weight just could not come off even tried diet pills but had a really bad reaction so id not work. The good thing about alizonne is that you are given the amount of calories that you can eat at the end and do not put on weight but if you do go way over the top you will put it back on but is that not the case with all diets.

both your self and your husband must look so different

PrivetDancer Tue 29-Dec-09 21:09:32

for madamearcati

madamearcati Wed 30-Dec-09 12:49:34

Thankyou for that.Unfortunately waaaay out of my price bracket smile

derevkofan Thu 31-Dec-09 13:51:05

Hi Kurves, saw your post on the alizonne section (the website is to answer madamearcati's query)and thought I would join you here. Today is day 6, still a bit hungry and peeing a lot with all the water! I was in ketosis on the morning of day 3 - I pee on a ketostick every morning and that spurs me on as I know that I'm losing fat as well as water. I'm doing it at one of the non-alizonne clinics (Stockport) as I work in Manchester so it's more convenient to go there before or after work. I'm aiming to lose 3 stones and I've been given a time of 11-12 weeks for this. I'm hoping to change my eating habits for the better so that I don't end up this big again in the future!

kurves Thu 31-Dec-09 14:18:21


Just keep going i will be very excited when you go to weigh and see the great results that will give you a big boost when do you go to weigh it must be on Monday then you will see that it was worth it hope the hunger goes soon you are trying to lose around the same amount as me i am trying to lose 2and a half stones .i did not know that they give you ketosis sticks. I am also at a partner clinic as i find that they are allot cheaper.

hey derevko fan at least you are only a little bit hungry and not starving. grin it can only get better.

derevkofan Thu 31-Dec-09 16:37:41

I got the ketostix online rather than from the clinic - I've used them before on other diets so thought I would keep going with them. I'm going to the clinic on Tuesday which will be day 11 so I'm hoping for a decent weight loss. I'm not weighing myself at home as I was half a stone heavier on the clinic scales so that was a shock when I went for my consultation! I'm hoping to have thighs which I can wear shorts in at the end of all this so fingers crossed. I'll let you know how much I've lost on Tuesday. I think the hunger at the mo is about being on holiday from work so not being as busy as usual. Once I'm back at work I'm hoping that I'll be so busy that I won't have time to think about being hungry! That's the plan, anyway.

kurves Thu 31-Dec-09 20:49:07

Well just hang in their just a couple days to go oh can you let me know where to get the keto sticks i guess for me may be a good motivation tool. Wishing every one a happy new year . and lets hope god willing by this year next time we would have all achieved our goals. Made up my mind that i have to start eating healthy only 13 days to go now and i have not stop stuffing my face but will power where arte you i need you to kick in now.

derevkofan Fri 01-Jan-10 08:58:00

Hi again, I get my ketostix from but they're available on lots of other websites and also in some Boots stores I think, though they're cheaper online. Woke up today feeling less hungry so that's good. I'm really missing fruit, though - and crisps!!

kurves Fri 01-Jan-10 16:15:24

Do not think about it just think about how good you will look for the spring and summer it will not be long before you can eat normal foods. I went out to the shops today and did not buy any clothes cause i know i will be loseing weight and i did not feel depressed because i know it will get better.
you have come a long way so maybe today will b e your last day of hunger.

kurves Sat 02-Jan-10 09:39:56

Hope all is good today derevkofan.

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