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the breastfeeding marathon type thing.

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stitch Sat 25-Jun-05 22:05:38

does anyone know if this is an annual thing?
was just thinking that this would be the sort of thing that could motivate me. if i knew i had to be fit enough to walk thirty miles, and earn money for charity, then i could also get thin?
anyone know anything about this? or where to go to get help? im not even sure about the proper name for it.

stitch Sat 25-Jun-05 22:06:48

drat drat drat
i meant the breast cancer thing!
idiot i am.

loobywoof Sat 25-Jun-05 22:13:48

I think you mean the Moon Walk?? I am sure it is annual because I've seen it mentioned on telly before. I am sure Lorraine Kelly did it one year in a very snazzy bra.

Nightynight Sat 25-Jun-05 22:15:23

I thought you meant a sort of sponsored suck! any of my babies could have done about 10 hours on the trot in their time!

Fran1 Sat 25-Jun-05 22:23:20

LoL i was imagining millions of woman marching the streets with babies attached to their boobs.

stitch Sat 25-Jun-05 22:24:47

must google moonwalk

potty1 Sat 25-Jun-05 22:26:10

lol - you've got breast feeding on the brain stitch!

wysiwyg Sat 25-Jun-05 23:19:08

This is where loads of women walk a marathon, through the night to raise money for breast cancer. It was last weekend I believe. The Moonwalk. There was a documentary recently with Victoria Wood about it.

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