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Pedometer Club 2005 - week 25

(11 Posts)
MadameButterfly Sat 25-Jun-05 00:08:00

Hi all

Results for week ending Friday 24th June are:

Madame Butterfly 108,640

I thought I might as well get in early as I will not be around on Monday

Anyone else that wants to join is is more than welcome to.

Just count your steps from Saturday morning to Friday night and either post your results on the new thread that is started each Monday or email them to janreid2003 at yahoo dot co dot uk.

Happy walking

MadameButterfly Sun 26-Jun-05 22:41:26

Posey has just sent me her total for last week.

It is


Earlybird Sun 26-Jun-05 22:56:47

Well, I did pretty well for me....but, I'm still lagging behind you hard core walkers.

My total was 67,982.

MadameButterfly Sun 26-Jun-05 22:58:51

My total will be pretty low next week as we are off to a caravan tomorrow and will be on the beach most of the time (weather permitting)

Earlybird Sun 26-Jun-05 23:03:29

MadameButterfly - f you have a low total next week, it might mean that I'm not at the bottom of the list! Hope you have a great time.

yoyo Mon 27-Jun-05 10:29:16

118261 here. Don't think I will continue to wear it for much longer - it isn't really motivating me to walk any further.

Good luck everyone for this week.

Posey Tue 28-Jun-05 12:01:22

Same here yoyo, and also with skimpier summer clothes it is a bit obvious. Will certainly continue to wear it when I go power walking though.

Well done all on some great totals this week.

yoyo Tue 28-Jun-05 12:04:38

Posey - roughly when can you register for next year's Moonwalk? I need a challenge.

Posey Tue 28-Jun-05 12:08:34

I seem to think it was autumn time. Just keep an eye on their website (walkthewalk dot org). When you do get an application form send it off immediately as it fills up really fast (closing date for applications this year was end of Feb but it was filled by Christmas)

yoyo Tue 28-Jun-05 12:59:16

Thanks Posey!

coppertop Tue 28-Jun-05 13:12:45

I had a bad week. It was so hot that I only went outside when I absolutely had to. So, last week I only managed 38,254.

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