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mishmashmoon Wed 25-Nov-09 13:18:18

Has anyone else been on the lipotrim diet and found it sucessful?

I started yesterday and i have to say i'm really positive and looking forward to being able to stick to something. I have tried other diets like ww and sw but i always cheat but with lipotrim i can't so i find it easier.

Last night i went to bed feeling full rather than sick for the first time in 2 years blush i need to loose 6 stone to be a healthy weight and a size 12 ish.

I havnt felt hungry and last night i actually used my wii fit and i have walked 3 miles so far today. i really feel this is the best thing for me and i cant wait to go shopping when i can go back to shopping in normal shops rather than just shops with plus size clothes in.

would love to chat to anyone else using it.

Ivykaty44 Wed 25-Nov-09 21:03:50

havn't done this - but good luck and see it as a life change not just for a while but forever smile

Ivykaty44 Fri 27-Nov-09 15:02:08

how are you getting on with this?

TheTerribleSpider Fri 27-Nov-09 15:50:49

Hi, I'm on my second week of lipotrim. I also did it a couple of years ago and lost 5 stone. After having DD I put some back on and it's that I'm getting rid of now.

Like you I find it easier to not cheat on it. I like the fact that I have no choice in anything.

mishmashmoon Fri 27-Nov-09 19:39:44

Im on day 4 and i feel fantastic, i dont get hungry infact DP just asked me when im going to have my shake for dinner i forgot all about it.

I have found a fab support site and love reading all the sucess stories.It really helps me stay focused.

TheTerribleSpider can i be nosy and ask how much you lost last week? and how long it took you to lose 5 stone?

TheTerribleSpider Sat 28-Nov-09 14:20:11

It took about 5 months, I had a break over Christmas in that too.

I lost 11lb last week, although the first week is always a large loss due to water. This week I think it will be 6lb.

I'm like you, I am never hungry, I don't like taking the lipotrim out with me so if I miss one I don't really notice.

Ivykaty44 Sat 28-Nov-09 14:55:14

so it is how do you find it after you can eat solid food again? was it hard last time?

Well done with the wieght last week and hope you do well to mishmashmo smile

mishmashmoon Sun 29-Nov-09 09:57:56

Well done, i really hope i lose atleast 8lbs this week. Wow 5 months that is fantastic!

DP asked me if i am going to eat on xmas day and i have decided not to, i mean what would be the point? we thought maybe i could start buying a few things like xmas pudding, jar of pickles, jar of minced meat to make pies etc that i can put away for june/july time and have a day where we cook a nice dinner and i can have a few of the things im goning to miss out on.

Obviously to a huge amount of "goodies" otherwise im just gona end up this way again but it makes me feel better.

We are also going to start a clothes fund so i can have a few days of child free shopping to buy my new wardrobe.

TheTerribleSpider Sun 29-Nov-09 15:19:15

I was fine on solid food again - I still never felt really hungry and it didn't take very much to fill me up. I was doing really well keeping the weight off until the end of my pregnancy!
I expect to be the same this time (am hoping) I just always tell myself that I am happier thinner, I feel more comfortable within myself.
I don't think I want to be as thin as I was when I stopped last time, I look at a few photos I have from then and I think I look a lot older and a bit haggard.
I'll probably have a break again at Christmas - I won't have too much more to go after and we are having dinner with my sister and mother in law, I'd like to partake in a few glass of wine! smile

Ivykaty44 Sun 29-Nov-09 21:03:26

You will fell so much better. Christams food is so laiden with calories that avoiding most of it is always a good idea!

Let us know how you get on mishmashmo

TheTerribleSpider Mon 30-Nov-09 16:39:34

How're you getting on mishmashmo?

mishmashmoon Tue 01-Dec-09 09:51:41

Yayyyyyyyyyy had my first weigh in yesterday and lost 11 lbs, i cant believe it. I can even see the difference aswell. So so so happy!!!

TheTerribleSpider Tue 01-Dec-09 12:51:51

Well done! grin

Ivykaty44 Tue 01-Dec-09 19:17:57

That is amazing - well done you.

keep up the good work grin

mishmashmoon Mon 07-Dec-09 20:01:54

How did you do on your last WI TheTerribleSpider?

I lost 5lbs!! Im so pleased.

Ivykaty44 Fri 11-Dec-09 08:56:50

wow - mishmashmo - 16 ILB is fab meaning you have lost nealry 25% of your needed weight loss.

GentleOtter Fri 11-Dec-09 09:04:15

Is this similar to the Cambridge diet/ Lighterlife?
Do you have to do it through your GP and how much does it cost?

It sounds like you are all doing really

Ivykaty44 Fri 11-Dec-09 09:12:59

it is a replacement system where you dont have solid food. google it and it will come up smile

GentleOtter Fri 11-Dec-09 09:42:10

I googled and it said that you could buy it from chemists but through your GP.
There are no participating chemists 80 miles radius from us.

Fedupofplaystation Sat 18-Jul-15 19:59:40

Sorry to resurrect this thread, but DH and I are thinking of starting this diet so if any of the original thread posters could update or others who've tried this could post their experiences, we'd be really grateful.

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