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Anyone trying to lose weight BEFORE getting pregnant?

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spook14 Tue 21-Jun-05 18:31:48

Is there anyone out there who wants to lose some weight before getting pregnant?
I've just had a miscarriage and am blaming being very overweight, which I know is probably not the case but hey.
Trouble is, I comfort eat and always have and right now I need to be comforted. I'm finding it hard to focus on what needs to be done to lose the weight.
I would like to chat with anyone else in a similar situation - I'm over 19 stone and have a dd who will be 3 in November. I need some encouragement!

anchovies Tue 21-Jun-05 18:50:17

Spook, so sorry to hear about your miscarriage, I'm sure you know it's unlikely your weight was involved but I know what it's like, they blamed everything on "how overweight" I was in my last pregnancy.

I was about 14 stone when I last got pg and they gave me a load of hassle about it then. I'm now 16 stone 7 so dread being weighed when/if I eventually get pregnant.

I think at the moment you should be easy on yourself. Have you thought about setting yourself a start date a few weeks away and allow yourself some time to come to terms with everything and not worry about what you're eating? I know that I am useless when I am feeling generally down without something like what you've been through recently.

But if/when you're ready I too could do with some serious motivation and encouragement!

emily05 Tue 21-Jun-05 18:57:31

HI spook. I am in the same boat (I might have put this on your other thread). I am 19 stone and 10 pounds and want another baby. My ds is 3 in August. I joined slimming world last week. SO far so good. Have done 1000 diets before (even done slimming world before) but this time I feel much more motivated because I am desperate to loose weight.
I am also reading the 'Dr Phil, weightloss challenge' book. Although I am not doing his weightloss plan, the book is all about the physcology of loosing weight and emotional eating (which is what I do, I tend to binge eat). I am also doing 10 minutes of fast walking a day. Doesnt sound much but I am building it up slowly (as I am so unfit!) and building up to an hours walking a day (a long way to go!)

Perhaps have a break because of the miscarriage. at least of a couple of months to grieve. Then start to think about ways you want to loose. weight and regain focus. Dont be too hard on yourself, one thing at a time. Are they other means other than food that you can get comfort? ((hugs to you ))

BethAndHerBrood Tue 21-Jun-05 19:47:15

I'm not dieting to specifically try for a baby, but i am in the middle of losing weight, I have quite a lot to lose, and we have talked about trying for a baby next year. I imagine if you lose weight it ticks another box in the right direction, IYSWIM!!

spook14 Wed 22-Jun-05 11:19:34

anchovies - I like your idea about giving myself some time. I had already planned to lose weight prior to getting pregnant. I had joined a gym and started listening to Paul McKennas CD. Then I got pregnant and we hadn't planned it for right now but we were both happy. I was determined not to put on too much weight and was very careful about what i was eating - not dieting as such but eating well.
Since the misscarriage that has all gone out the window!
emilyo5 - I have done Slimming World before. First time was prior to getting pregnant with my dd. I lost 3.5 stone and got down to about 15 stone. Then put on nearly 3 stone while pregnant, then rejoined and lost it all again, got back to 15 stone round about when i was weaning dd. Then I started questioning the example I was setting, not eating certain foods together etc and stopped going, only to put on all the weight I'd lost and at least another stone!
I dont know whether I want to go back to the Slimming World, all the consultants near me aren't very good!

Thanks for your replies

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