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OK girls, I need your help and support....

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FanofFireworks Tue 10-Nov-09 03:28:25

I am obese. No denying it any more - I'm not overweight, I'm probably actually horrifically obese (don't believe in bmi so don't know the "band" I'm in, but I'm BIG

Anyway, it's the MN christmas do soon, then Christmas and then my sister is getting married in 2011 too so we'll be going dress shopping soon and well, I've got 10 stone to lose before the wedding (OMFG!)

So, who can hold my hand when I'm craving the chocolate of an evening, or the diet coke? I'm cutting down - I was addicted to 4l a day (yes, really) but now I am down to half a litre to three quaters of a litre a day.... still too much, but a lot better than it was, I think

So.... who's with me?

I'm not going to join a club (can't afford it) and I'm not going on any bizarre diets... I'm going to change into having a healthy lifestyle as opposed to a long-term diet (does that make sense?)

Anyway, my mum has 2 dogs so most days we're going to walk them the 2 miles to get DS from school (well 1 there, 1 back) and I'll join them on their morning mooch around the fields too so that's moving as opposed to sitting on my fat bum...

I'm going to get my hovel of a house ship-shape by Christmas, so that's also excersise (vigorous heart increasing work!)

oh and lastly, I'm going to eat properly... chicken and veg featuring mostly and sometimes casseroles (home made - just meat n veg n water)

Who's going to hold my hand?

FanofFireworks Tue 10-Nov-09 03:29:29

heartrate increasing, I meant.. dur!

CheerfulYank Tue 10-Nov-09 03:37:31

I only have sporadic internet usage but I'll hold your hand as much as I can, honey! Good luck and I hope I can scare up my willpower too. My "baby" is going to preschool next fall, time to drop the baby weight.

FanofFireworks Tue 10-Nov-09 09:50:55

Thanks yank

I am putting the kybosh on wearing my dress but I will still lose weight to look better in all my clothes, and hopefully start fitting in my old stuff again!

badietbuddy Tue 10-Nov-09 13:08:09

Wo well done for making the decision. you've said you won't join any clubs but I think with 10 stone to lose you could do with some proper support. Is your GP any good? I imagine they would be able to refer you to a dietician, and I know in some areas you can get a free gym pass if referred by your doctor iirc.

The diet coke thing, it's funny how all the overweight people I know are addicted to the stuff. You really must try and give that up. It's full of nasty things that actually make you crave sugar.

I really recommend a low carb diet to kick start the weight loss. You could easily lose a more than a stone in the 2 week induction which will put you in the right frame of mind to carry on. I've lost a stone and a half in a month on low carb and now only have a stone to go.

Also, take one small goal at a time. Maybe after each stone have a treat lined up- when I lose another 6 pounds I am having a great haircut, and when I reach target I am going to have a massage. Good luck

smileyboy Thu 12-Nov-09 14:38:11

I'll support you! I am on another thread on here where we wre all trying to stay motivated and help eachother towards having a better lifestyle. It's called 'fatty to fabulous' if you want to check it out... we are very friendly and will hold your hand whnever we can!.

I had well over 3 stone to lose and I am trying not to think about it as a whole as I find it just too daunting. I think you need to think about it in terms of every pound off is gone forever and you need to congratulate youself and say focused every step of the way. Even when the weight isn't shifting as fast as you'd like!

I agree with giving yourself treats every time you lose a stone or even half a stone. Deivd it up into sections rather than thinking 10 stone. I am buying myself some new makeup this weekend (hopefully) when I reach the 1/2 stone mark. After that when I have lost a stone I am going to have my nails done! A stone and half loss and I am buying some new boots etc. I think it's important to reward yourself with things other than food! Also set yourself targets. I find it helps keep me motivated but be warned.. there will be times when you perhaps don't reach your target and you will be tempted to give up but DON'T!!! It's so hard but you have made that decision and you know it is time to lose the weight so go for it.

I am currently still suffering with cravings so I know how you feel and we are all here for the same reasons. Good luck xxxx

ILoveStripeySocks Thu 12-Nov-09 15:33:53

I have also got tones to lose, and only have 11 months! Thats when I am getting married. Im also addicted to diet coke, but I am down to 3 cans a day.

Im doing slimming world & keeping a blog, that seems to be helping me.

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