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Mumsnet Mamas 2005 Week 23

(43 Posts)
Yorkiegirl Fri 17-Jun-05 22:44:15

Message withdrawn

BethAndHerBrood Sat 18-Jun-05 11:41:00

I hope that we are all losers!!!!

In the nicest possible way, of course!!

Loobz Sat 18-Jun-05 12:12:49

I forgot to e-mail my results for last week but lost a pound.
Hope we all have a good week this week

fatmomma Sat 18-Jun-05 19:39:30

Me too Loobz, and then posted in the wrong week - Doh!. I lost a pound also.

Does anyone else hate that Special K advert where everyone keeps calling the woman a loser? I wouldn't mind one of those body fat monitors though, does anyone have one?

Loobz Sat 18-Jun-05 21:03:32

Think I might be too scared to use a body fat monitor Haven't seen the advert but will look out for it now of course!!!

BethAndHerBrood Sun 19-Jun-05 10:35:29

Body fat monitor - if i got hold of it, it would explode in my hands!!!

I am going on my "extreme" diet this week, i was soooooooo bad last night!! Water and veggies all the way!!!!

Loobz Sun 19-Jun-05 19:24:04

Snap BAHB!!! Need to stop messing about if I expect to lose any weight for this holiday.
What date do you fly BAHB?

BethAndHerBrood Sun 19-Jun-05 19:31:22

We fly out on 14 september. I tried on a swimsuit that i bought a few weeks ago today. Too big!!! Which is a good thing really, but now i need to put it on ebay, or something, and find some more. I'm worried about leaving it too late and there being nothing left in the shops, but not sure about sizes!! It's a blooming nightmare!!!

But in a good way!!

Loobz Sun 19-Jun-05 22:49:28

We fly on Sept 22nd. I just keep thinking that I maybe able to pick up some bargains in the sales Although if I keep on going like today I will need to buy big things - I have been terrible today Dd and I went walking tonight, we walked for an hour and a half but I undid all my good work by going for ice cream on the way home. Must get back on this plan properly. Not at work tomorrow either which wont help - picking my new car up tomorrow afternoon.
I will be good, I will not eat junk. If I say it often enough I might start to believe it!!!

fatmomma Sun 19-Jun-05 22:55:35

Had a lovely afternoon playing on the beach with ds & dh at Charmouth, ds had his first paddle in the sea . Couldn't resist fish and chips for tea though - not a good start to the week!

moozoboozo Mon 20-Jun-05 12:28:26

Have been really lame not to have posted. I have been too embarrassed!!!! We are going away on Friday, so I suppose it would be a little ambititious to lose 3 or 4 stone in 4 days (oh go, I wish it were possible!) Anyway, I am going to be good this week, and try and be good on holiday, as all my clothes wont get past my huge arse. Have made a vat of sugar free jelly this morning, so I am hoping that will help me out, and stop me eating sweets. (yeah, whatever)

Good luck everyone!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

BethAndHerBrood Mon 20-Jun-05 12:29:30

LOL at "3 or 4 stone in 4 days" !!!!!!!!

If only........................................

moozoboozo Mon 20-Jun-05 12:30:32

Maybe we could find a way. Then we could be RICH

mwahahahaha. Mwahahahaha.

BethAndHerBrood Mon 20-Jun-05 12:31:36

Rich and thin

Could life get better than that??!!!!

moozoboozo Mon 20-Jun-05 12:32:33

A girl can dream..........

Yorkiegirl Mon 20-Jun-05 21:57:27

Message withdrawn

BethAndHerBrood Tue 21-Jun-05 07:02:23

Good news, then, Yorkie??!!

Yorkiegirl Tue 21-Jun-05 18:59:47

Message withdrawn

BethAndHerBrood Tue 21-Jun-05 19:42:45

Well done yorkie!!! That's fantastic!!!

What did you do last week to lose 4 lbs?? Please share!!!!

Yorkiegirl Tue 21-Jun-05 19:51:27

Message withdrawn

moozoboozo Tue 21-Jun-05 20:04:39

Well done Yorkie. You are an inspiration!!!!!!

Yorkiegirl Tue 21-Jun-05 20:07:05

Message withdrawn

Loobz Tue 21-Jun-05 21:58:38

Know what you mean Yorkie, it's a bit of a pain wwhen it's the same person all the time - and while you're happy for them at teh same time it can be a bit tedious
You've done (and are still doing) so well
I've been awful this week but still going to get weighed tomorrow - need to face these damned scales and see what damage i've done then put it behind me and get my (fat) ass in gear!!!
Hope everyone else is having a good week

mandyc66 Wed 22-Jun-05 12:36:52

just been told I was on wrong thread?!!!
Do you start a new one each week???

mandyc66 Wed 22-Jun-05 12:37:51

thanks fatmomma!!!
No I dont weigh daily...well try not to!!!!!

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