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good grief I've worn tracks in the carpet going to the loo today - drinking lots of water in an attempt to be good!

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Dp and I have decided to try and lose some weight together - she's got a couple of stone to lose and I've got about 4 blush

Started last night - our target is to lose 2lb a week. If we lose, we treat ourselves to a scratchcard each (I know - we're very sad...). If one of us doesn't, we have to buy the other's.

So, I've been drinking tons of water today and flipping heck does my bladder know it! grin

ChunkyKitKat Wed 28-Oct-09 12:09:36

Good luck, Dotty. I am trying to get motivated, but not starting off very well (again!).

Good idea about the water, at least it'll fill you up.

Hmm - well I did really well up until tea time... hmm

We had Mexican which would have been OK, but we had someone round for tea and then another couple round in the evening so mucho red wine was consumed. Oops... blush

Still, another day today - back on the water! grin

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