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Anyone do SlimFast anymore?

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MerryWifeOfWindsor Wed 21-Oct-09 14:44:18

I have tried in the past but half heartedly. I recently lost over a stone at slimming world but it's all gone out the window and I need to kick start something new (yy, I know about healthy eating but I find the kick start really helps me). Does anyone do it anymore, and how do you find it? I like the idea about not having to think about 2 of my meals a day, dinner is always pretty babalnced for me anyway (salmon and brown rice & veg tonight) it's just the sandwich for lunch that turns in to a mountain etc. Soooo, anyone do it?

boundarybabe Sat 24-Oct-09 14:51:21

A friend of mine did it a couple of years ago and lost over a stone. She said it was fine most days but if she had a day with more exercise than usual (eg. when she had to walk her clients into town unexpectedly) it just wasn't enough. It definitely wasn't sustainable long term but if you're just using it as a kickstart it would probably work.

CheeeseOnToast Tue 27-Oct-09 13:54:50

I'm doing slimfast MerryWifeOfWindsor, although in a half measure. I worked out that my normal breakfast has fewer calories than a slim fast, so i eat my normal breakfast, have a slim fast for lunch and then a normal dinner.

I really find it cuts through the cravings at work - I've no idea how it does, but once i've had one i dont want to eat until dinner. I usually have the really think smoothies, the raspberry one is my fave.

I've lost about half a stone in the last month, and thats the only thing i've changed. i do a fair bit of exercise anyway (mainly walking, around 4 miles a day) and this is really easy. I also end up spending much much less on food/snacks at work on slim fast. So, in short, I love it! I use the ready-mixed bottles though, can't be bothered with the faff of moxing them up myself.

Do you know anywhere that sells them cheaply? Boots used to do them reduced from £1.35 to £1, but now they're back up to £1.37 shock

ps - good luck with the weightloss! Do you have much to lose as part of your kick-start?

CheeeseOnToast Tue 27-Oct-09 13:56:03

oh and 'scuse the typos! grin

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