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GI. What can I have for Breakfast Lunchand Dinner today.

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beetroot Mon 13-Jun-05 07:21:46

Message withdrawn

beetroot Mon 13-Jun-05 08:02:43

Message withdrawn

anorak Mon 13-Jun-05 09:04:00

Breakfast : Porridge with salt or sweeteners or fruit
or Weetabix with skimmed milk
or all-bran
or muesli no added salt or sugar (all with skimmed milk or soya
or 2 slices toast made with multigrain bread with light spread and jam

lunch: rye crispbread or crackers with low calorie lentil soup or veg soup

can of salmon with big mixed salad and light dressing. Include small amount brown pasta or beans in salad.

Eat 3 snacks a day between meals - fresh fruit or carrot or celery sticks or a mullerlight yogurt.

anorak Mon 13-Jun-05 09:04:49

that's the soup or the salad for lunch, not both!

robin3 Mon 13-Jun-05 09:05:34

Breakfast have porridge (full size oats) with a little honey if you prefer OR Allbran (not bran flakes).

Lunch....any salad (not sweetcorn or beetroot)with any low fat protein (tuna, cottage cheese etc) and a low fat dressing (balsamic vinegar?).

Have a low fat yoghurt about 4ish.

Dinner....veg curry? lightly cooked pasta, a tomato sauce and lots of veg, little parmesan? New potato & salmon fillet?

Other people are better on the vegetable options....I tend to make lots of vegetable stews (curries, chillis, soups etc. You can add a little chunky peanut butter to a veg stew and it really makes it nice.

Hope this helps.

Puff Mon 13-Jun-05 09:06:21

Just seen this - excellent suggested menu from anorak!

lilibet Mon 13-Jun-05 09:07:48

Beety, both Tesco and Sainsbury's do cans of mixed beans - these are lovely mixed with tinned tuna and served with a green salad.

beetroot Mon 13-Jun-05 12:25:16

Message withdrawn

Puff Mon 13-Jun-05 12:40:11

Beety, there's some veggie recipes on the GI diet recipe thread, plus on the GI diet support threads there's the link to The Times online whch has a week of GI recipes.

beetroot Mon 13-Jun-05 12:58:40

Message withdrawn

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