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Need to lose my bingo wings!

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Yorkiegirl Sun 12-Jun-05 16:26:30

Message withdrawn

lunachic Sun 12-Jun-05 16:37:11

stand feet comfortably -feet slightly apart ,hips over feet/pelvis tilted forward (very slightly),tummy in ,shoulders back (but not tensed) take your arms behind you palms pointing up and thumbs towards each other -now lift your arms as far as you can (without affecting your posture) and try to touch thumbs together using gentle movements repeat upto 90 times excruciating but will work wonders v.quickly for your bingo wings LOL !
from callenetics by Callan pinkthingummy

WigWamBam Sun 12-Jun-05 16:38:54

Box press-ups - on your hands and knees, hands slightly further apart than your knees are. Lean slightly forward before you lower and raise the top half of your body.

AuntyQuated Sun 12-Jun-05 16:42:26

stand sidways at bed (or something long and knee height), place nearest hand and knee on chair, in other hand have heavyish can or 1-2kg weight. keeping elbow at waist height bring can/weight upto shoulder then extend to this 6 times, change sides and repeat. do as often as you remember

likklemum Sun 12-Jun-05 17:08:54

I don't know any exercises, but guess i need 'em. In my class, a little boy said 'Miss, when you write on the board, your arms shake like jelly' (cue demo). This in front of all the parents picking up their children from 2classes. PMSL!

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