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I've lost all motivation so I need some help to get back on track please!!!!!!

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sweetheart Fri 16-Oct-09 16:34:27

ok a bit about me:-

I piled on weight after having dd to about 14 stone. After having ds some years later I managed to shift the weight down to 10st 9ibs - I had to kill myself daily at the gym and follow ww strictly to stay there and so found a more comfy place for me was around 10st. Since April my weight has been creeping up and it's now around 10 stone 6Ibs. I've been trying over recnet weeks to loose half a stone but my mojo has gone! I'm struggling to stick to a diet and I hate the gym at the moment.

I've decided Next week I've got to crack this otherwise Xmas will be here and I'll be another 7Ibs heavier!

So come and inspire me PLEASE..............

duke Fri 16-Oct-09 17:28:28

Why don't you to a new class at the gym or join a walking/running club or dance class. Drag a friend along it's easier to stick with things if you feel you are letting someone down if you don't go. Or go on your own you might have a new group of friends waiting to be met! Also if you cut anything out of your diet for a week, it makes you re think what your going to eat ie cut out lunchtime sandwiches makes you have soup or salads.

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