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Anyone know about Apronectomies or chopping off the flabby bit on your belly?

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zippytiptoes Wed 14-Oct-09 10:27:53

I've had two kids, last one ten months ago and have been left with an absolutely hideous flabby belly. It's not just a bit fat, it's like a total add on to my body and hangs down looking vile. The rest of my body is in proportion. I'm not thin, but certainly not really over weight. My body just looks a really strange shape and it's really uncomfortable and awkward. The doctor put me on Xenical weight loss tablets but if anything it's made it worse as I've lost weight other places and this just emphasises the flabby belly. He says that in the current financial climate, the NHS wouldn't fund an apronectomy (is that what it's called?). I'm so unhappy and self conscious. Does anyone know any more facts about this or even had one done? Should I just keep going back to the doctors? I've tried exercise and it doesn't make any difference. The midwife said that because I had two big babies, all of the core muscles were just torn and has caused this unsightly, flabby stomach which without help, won't return to normal.

Gaston Wed 14-Oct-09 11:49:49

Don't know about the op but you should see a physio re the torn inner muscles. GP should even refer you because the muscles also are responsible for your whole back and strength (i'm in same boat after 3 kids !) and this caused me to slip (or "bulge") a disc in my spine.
Some say exercises can make it improve, maybe not totally. Pilates is best. You should def see a physio though, ask your GP.

dickiethepunchlinedonkey Wed 14-Oct-09 15:15:07

I agree with Gaston- pilates may well help with core muscles. I had an apron myself but I have to say it is much improved since I started pilates nearly 3 months ago.
good luck whatever you decide

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