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Anyone doing Rosemary Conley?

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BloodshotEyeballs Wed 07-Oct-09 11:57:31

Am starting tonight with my SIL. Had great success with it about 10 years ago (yeah, I know, can't have been that good as here I am again!) but I wondered if anything had changed. Have my tracky bums and trainers at the ready. Anything else I need to know or anyone else doing it and just want to chat?

piscesmoon Wed 07-Oct-09 16:37:59

I found it brilliant-I got down to my goal weight in 5 months and still go every week to keep my motivation going. It is very friendly and we always have a laugh. I can't tell you if it has changed, because it is my first time.

velbels Tue 13-Oct-09 14:24:08

i started last week i'm finding this first week quite hard going. Trying to work out what i and cook for the family without having to cook different for me is not easy.

The class was good i'm looking forward to going again this week. Here's hoping i've lost some weight!

OoopsWeDidItAgain Tue 13-Oct-09 14:45:18

I started back in July after a friend was having great success (she started in May and has now lost 3st 10lb and is down to a size 12!) I've lost 1st and 9lb and am generally feeling much better about myself....still got a way to go though...not set a final target but would really like another stone off before Christmas.

The first two weeks are tough but it does get easier and tbh I don't really feel like I am on a diet and I don't get really hungry with it either. I just feed the family the same as me - and I'm sure DP has lost a few pounds because of it too.

I do a salsacise class for mine and it's great fun too. I do try to go to more than one exercise class a week but rarely manage that in reality.

I have been a bit unmotivated since we got back from holiday last month (only just managed to get the 4lbs off that I put on while away) so a chat on here could be just what I need to keep going!!!!

Fruitgums Wed 21-Oct-09 10:10:45

Do you have to weigh all your food? My GP has referred me to Rosmary Conley but I can't be bothered with weighing ALL of my food like WW do.

OoopsWeDidItAgain Wed 21-Oct-09 15:19:18

No.... when you first join you get a pack of portion scoops and a guide to portion sizes. So for example, a portion of muesli goes in a blue scoop and a portion of cooked pasta goes in a red scoop. Dead easy and no scales involved at all!!

Fruitgums Wed 21-Oct-09 17:43:45

Oh thank you!

I've been dreading going as I thought that I had to weigh everything etc.

Thanks again x

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