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Has anyone been referred to a slimming club by their GP?

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Eyeballls Fri 02-Oct-09 09:26:46

I need to lose weight and lots of it. Have done it in the past but the will power just isn't there at the moment but I need to do something. I noticed that in my area there is a scheme running where your GP can refer you to Rosemary Conley classes where you then get half price fees (which isn't the point for me although it would help) and then the GP gets a progress report after 12 weeks and will then call you in to tell you off talk about your success or not.

For me, the key thing would be that the GP is keeping a check on me, so to speak. That would make me stick to it as otherwise it's so easy not to go if you don't feel like it.

I just wondered if anyone else had done this and if it actually works like that in reality.


JigglyPiggy Fri 02-Oct-09 10:29:21

Hi eyeballs

i am doing SW but not through GP referral. My GP has however prescribed orlistat and a 3 month stint at the gym.

In order to get a repeat prescription i have to get weighed and reviewed and at the end of the gym referral they will get a report on progress.

To be honest I dont think the GP involvement is aiding my motivation (or lack of it) as I still have to do this for myself regardless of their assistance.

What does help is buying a countdown with SW so I pay in advance for 12wks and then I know that if I don't go I am not only cheating myself but also wasting our money!

I guess it would depend on how supportive your GP is but at the end of the day you could avoid seeing them if you didnt feel like it?

I would have a look at your local SW classes and find a consultant thats going to give you the support and encouragement to see you through the good and bad weeks and if the gp is willing to refer you that will be an added bonus!

Eyeballls Fri 02-Oct-09 18:29:19

Hi My GP is very good and has seen me through PND and going to the dentist after 20 years. I can do the diet but I really need someone to keep kicking me and she will do that. Anyway I've made an appointment for next week after work. Am determined not to put it off any longer.

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