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worried about wrecking my metabolism

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messalina Sun 27-Sep-09 11:01:22

Wondered if people with experience of successful, and unsuccessful dieting, could give me some advice. I would like to lose about a stone (am currently 9.5 stone and would like to be 8.5 stone; I am about 5'4.) which I have put on over the last couple of years just by being greedy. I don't take any formal exercise but have a very busy job which involves a lot of running around and I walk a fair bit. I am fairly fit naturally and seem to have a fast metabolism as I think most women who eat as much as I do would weigh more. My vices are slices of cake at tea, sometimes pudding at lunchtime, nibbling at my daughter's food in the evening, nibbling whilst we get dinner ready and then having one large portion for dinner plus a medium-sized second one. So I am quite piggy and probably just very lucky that I don't weigh more. I cannot hack diets and have never been on one as I have never needed to lose weight, and am not even medically overweight now. BUT I would like to be slimmer without being thin. However, I am wondering whether if I cut back too much, I wil end up wrecking my metabolism. I am now just over 30 and it's not exactly going to speed up with the years. I don't want to consign myself to eating salad for the rest of my life because I reduce the speed of my metabolism through dieting. I think the solution is probably to have some clear guidelines like NO second helpings of dinner, and NO sweet things execept at the week-end or on special occasions. And perhaps restrict alcohol to three nights a week. How long do people reckon it would take me to shift a stone using just a bit of self-restraint, and am I in danger of making my body less fuel-efficient in the process?

madamefreckle Sun 27-Sep-09 22:13:32

It sounds like you really already know the sensible course of action. As you're not actually overweight, it will take longer to lose than if you had a lot to lose. I am shorter than you and used to be more or less constant 8.5 stone but since having ds i'm a constant 9 stone but haven't done anything to try to get back to 'normal' although i'd be happier if i was.

In the 6 months prior to becoming preg i went down to 8 stone but not through trying to lose weight. I cut all wheat and dairy (except probiotic yog) out of my diet (to try and sort out a skin prob) and it seemed that i could eat what i like (rather limited in the yum department i admit) and not gain weight but actually lose it. I'm not sure if this is a recommended diet plan but it really taught me how to cook and eat using alternatives to wheat and dairy.

As long as you only cut back in small ways, i don't think your metabolism will be advsersly affected. It does begin to slow down with age anyway If you just slightly decrease portion sizes, limit cake/ pudding to a couple of times a week and possibly swap some wheaty meals for more rice-based dishes and things like rice cakes or corn thins instead of sandwiches i'm sure you'll be able to lose a bit of weight without affecting your metabolism. Just don't expect it to happen too quickly - the longer it takes to lose, the more likely you are to stick at that weight and not put your metabolism out of kilter.

madamefreckle Sun 27-Sep-09 22:15:17

...and good luck by the way

gingernutlover Mon 28-Sep-09 08:36:40

i agree it sounds like you know what you need to do

have a few less puddings a week and dont have second helpings - I find that it works for me to dish up the entire pot of dinner into portions for all of us and the rest into freezer boxes for work lunches or emergency meals - that ways its already been doled out by the time i finish my firsts!

I reckon just those 2 things would see you lose wieght

messalina Wed 30-Sep-09 00:13:59

Thank you for support and helpful messages. I have done two days of being good, which is a lot more than I usually manage. I resisted biscuits at break time, pudding at lunch, cake and tea, and nibbles this evening. Am feeling very smug. Almost as smug as some of the mothers on the Discussion of the Day thread about whether working women's children are less healthy. This thread is light relief in comparison. But thank you again. Esp. useful to know it could take longer to lose the weight. I like quick results so I know I shall just have to keep up the good work for a sustained period.

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