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Join me to be 10 stone for 2010!!

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cvyes Tue 22-Sep-09 20:33:56

Hi, before 3 lovely dd's I was a nice and simple 10 stone, now 10 years later am verging on 12 stone ouch! Can I make it back to 10 stone in time for 2010? Making the number 10 v.significant!!! Are you with me? My plan is running, cut down (wish I could say abstain) from the wine and to eat sensibly. I don't believe in drastic diets as they screw up your metabolism (sorry to bore you but I have a degree in nutrition & food so kinda know the score). I really think that mind over matter is the key son must keep with the 10 in 2010 mantra! Can't wait to hear your thoughts

DLI Tue 22-Sep-09 21:10:47

It is very possible. when my ds was born (now 6) i had gone from being just over ten stone to being just over twelve. i did weight watchers (bought everything off ebay and didnt bother with the classes). I lost the weight and got to just under ten stone. didn't stick to it religiously just used it as a guideline so it did take a little longer but i didnt feel like i was missing any of my favourite foods. That was about three years ago and now the weight has crept back on. I am now 11 1/2 stone. I am the same as you, want to lose the weight by the end of the year and be back to 10 stone!

I just need the will power and a kick up the backside every now and then which my dh has told me he is happy to do! lol

Good luck and I know you will do it!

duke748 Tue 22-Sep-09 21:46:00

Hi. Can I join you?

I am now 13 stone so not sure if I can make 10 stone by the start of 2010 - but I intend to be an awful lot nearer.

My weight has crept on over a period of depression. For me its as much about looking after myself as the figure on the scales. I want to make time to cook good food for myself, take time out for exercise, that kind of thing.

I have read and am following Paul McKenna so am doing it slow and steady and hoping to keep it off for good.

I am also doing boxercise once a week, swimming twice a week, walking to work when I can and long walks at the weekends.

Here's to 2010 and a brand new us!

DLI Wed 23-Sep-09 19:10:01

keep up the good work,

i walk to my mother's (to drop ds who is nearly 6 off before i go to work), its a twenty minute steady walk and both me and my son love it, its great exercise for both of us and we get to spend time together talking about anything he wants!

scroobiuspirate Wed 23-Sep-09 19:16:33

i really can't go into another year, let alone decade ebing so down about my appearence and my weight.

my dd is 7. pre pregnancy i was prob about 10st.4lb. I got to about 13 1/2 stone. Then dropped to 12, then at one point got to 10st.11lb 2 yrs ago.

It just happened, that last bit of weight loss, and I am damned if i know how. I have been thru a break up and divorce.

Am now 11.11, and would love to be 10 st 10.

so maybe i could do the 10/10 thing for 2010.

tibni Wed 23-Sep-09 19:19:33

Can I join too please?
I was 11 st 8 lb size 14 then lost weight down to a 10 and maintained for a year.

I was 10 stone until my ds (ASD) had a breakdown due to school issues. My weight dropped and I went from a size 10 to having to use belts to keep small 8's up. I didn't weigh myself but I know I looked terrible with bones sticking out - I am 5 ft 7.

ds is now in a new school and happy and my weight has shot up. I'm now only just in my size 10's.

I just need to be sensible.

However I have a bad cold at the moment so I am comfort eating and not getting to the gym so not the best start! Not sure on exact weight but I think about 10 8 - 10 10 at a guess, will weigh when I go to the gym again.

duckyfuzz Wed 23-Sep-09 19:25:28

oh I'd like to do it, not sure if I can though! I've lost about 20lbs since June, am now under 12st and was aiming for 11 by Christmas, but will join in with the 10 theme and at least try to be 10 something by 2010 - I seriously cannot remember being 10 something ever in my adult life blush

cvyes Wed 23-Sep-09 21:02:02

Hi every-one - really good to hear from you all! I weighed myself today & was pleased to be 11 9 when I thought I was 12!
Am still feeling very motivated today am so want to be 10 again! Duckyfuzz wow 20lbs loss since June is just fantastic - how did you do it?
I'm sure we can all help to give each other that kick we need to keep focused. It's the weekend I'm dreading cos it's always my downfall - any tips?

scroobiuspirate Wed 23-Sep-09 23:17:19

well just don't do what i just did and down a few shots of baileys [blush}

Grisette Wed 23-Sep-09 23:30:20

Can you post your heights as well so I can get some kind of perspective . I'm 5 "8 currently 12 stone and would like to be 11. i think 10 would be impossible for me.

tibni Thu 24-Sep-09 11:31:40

I'm 5 7" - at 10 - 10 5 I look my best. Keep my curves but look toned.

duckyfuzz Thu 24-Sep-09 19:57:20

I have done it by not drinking wine every night and as a result not nibbling my way through bags of nuts, crisps and sweets - I am actually quite a healthy eater its just the snacking that's the problem blush Anyway I am sticking with it, despite havign the odd wobble and having to re-lose weight I've worked hard to shift. I'm running too now and basically being extrememly good Mon-Fri and having a reasonably normal weekend. I have also used and the wii fit to track my progress which I find motivates me. I am 5'7 btw.

cvyes Thu 24-Sep-09 20:47:54

hi - duckyfizz that website looks good! I'm 5"9 and at 10 stone look my best - my problem is huge boobs so the weight just hangs there - at about 10 ish I can jus about manage them! Even though trying to be good am still drinking wine as my 3 dd's are such hard work & sadly I need some relief but am so trying still to be strong on the food front x

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