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Pedometer Club 2005 - week 22

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MadameButterfly Mon 06-Jun-05 10:47:46

Hi all

I have had no emails this week

My total for week ending Friday 3rd June was


Anyone else that wants to join is is more than welcome to.

Just count your steps from Saturday morning to Friday night and either post your results on the new thread that is started each Monday or email them to janreid2003 at yahoo dot co dot uk.

Earlybird Mon 06-Jun-05 14:31:41

I'm guessing the lack of emails might be down to the fact that it was half term last week, and we were all out of our normal routines.

My weekly total was so pitiful that I'm too embarrassed to report. Well done for having such a good total. I'm impressed!

Posey Mon 06-Jun-05 16:24:03

Sorry, only got back from hols last night and forgot to send my pitiful total to you.
Just 42,744 this week.

Back to normal this week I hope.

Earlybird Mon 06-Jun-05 18:53:04

Posey -

I thought you said your total was pitiful? Let me tell you girlfriend, you are an amateur when it comes to pitiful totals!! I am the queen of pitiful!! Your total actually sounds great! Which is exactly why I'm not posting my total......

Yours truly,

The true pitiful pedometer club queen (aka Earlybird)

coppertop Mon 06-Jun-05 18:55:13

I bet my pitiful total is worse than yours, EB. I can hardly bring myself to post it but I didn't even make it to 23,000. I hate to think what the summer holidays will be like!

Earlybird Mon 06-Jun-05 19:00:38

Oh OK, you win coppertop. Maybe I am only the pitiful pedometer club princess!

coppertop Mon 06-Jun-05 19:02:18

You need pitiful me in the pedometer club to make you all feel better about your totals for the week.

Earlybird Mon 06-Jun-05 19:10:17

Well...if it makes you feel any better, I didn't beat you by much! And I must say, this week is already shaping up to be a low one too...though hopefully not as low as last week!

Posey Mon 06-Jun-05 21:17:03

LOL at you lot

Come the summer holidays, with no training to be done for the moonwalk, I can see some VERY poor totals!

Earlybird Mon 06-Jun-05 21:22:27

Oh Posey - if you're going to be slacking off after your organised walk, who will be our inspiration then??

Must say I wonder whether we should arrange an informal meetup to wish you luck/cheer you on with your moonwalk....especially as some of us are toying with having a Mumsnet/Pedometer Club team next year. Feasible?

coppertop Tue 07-Jun-05 10:32:58

Mine will have to be a virtual cheerin-on of Posey, I'm afraid. It will be ds1's birthday that weekend. We shall be expecting a full report though. This is a question you don't often see on MN but have you finished decorating your bra yet? (The special Moonwalk bra obviously!)

coppertop Tue 07-Jun-05 10:33:37

Or even cheering!

Posey Tue 07-Jun-05 20:39:15

Oh a bit of virtual cheering on, or real life would be brill. I don't think the streets of London will exactly be teeming with wellwishers at 2 in the morning!

Yes my bra is done. I've got purple furry stuff (like feather boa except finer) round the top of the cups, then I sewed pink and purple tiny silk flowers all over, then some pink beaded braid round the bottom.

If I'm brave enough, I'll post a picture on here after the event

yoyo Tue 07-Jun-05 20:45:43

Posey - The bra sounds fantastic - you must post us a picture. Hope it goes really well for you.

Haven't worn ped for a few weeks as DH nabbed it. He has now got fed up with it (as I knew he would) so rather plaesed that I wasn't able to get another one to replace it. Will be entering a total next Monday. For yesterday and today I have done 31734 so should be a raesonable week although have a lot of driving around to do tomorrow.

Good luck everyone.

MadameButterfly Fri 10-Jun-05 13:22:30

Hi there,

How is everyone doing this week, now that the holidays are finished.

Ihave done abot 67,000 so far this week.

Posey Fri 10-Jun-05 21:39:45

A lot better than last week but thats probably because I did my final BIG training walk before the event this week which was just under 40000 steps Only another 12000 on that is the marathon, easy peasy Actually I felt so sleepy afterwards which I wasn't expecting. Was prepared for tired legs etc but not the sleepiness straight away.

Anyway will tot up the weeks total and email you over the weekend.

coppertop Fri 10-Jun-05 21:45:03

Much better this week - although in my case it would probably be hard to do any worse. I realised last night that my total was still quite low so I did an extra 18,000 steps today.

The Moonwalk bra sounds fantastic! I can't wait to see a photo afterwards.

Posey Fri 10-Jun-05 21:53:39

Where did you go to do an extra 18000 steps? Thats brilliant though. How far is that in miles for you? My steps work out at roughly 2000 per mile.

coppertop Fri 10-Jun-05 22:52:04

The 18,000 steps was the result of 2 school runs, a walk to the hospital with ds2 and then across town, followed by walking back home. I have never looked so longingly at a bus in my life!

I've just looked at my pedometer and apparently 50,000 steps =13 miles so probably not a huge distance in miles/km. I thought my feet were about to drop off at one point.

Earlybird Fri 10-Jun-05 23:05:39

Another poor week for me. I had resolved to do much better after my spectacularly bad week. But, I got quite ill over the weekend. Finally went to the doctor midweek (when it was clear I wasn't going to spontaneously get better), was given antibiotics and have felt human today for the first time in a week. My total was 39, 984. The only reason it's that good is because I had to drag myself out for the school run every morning.

So....I'll say it week will be better!

Posey Sun 12-Jun-05 20:36:44

Coppertop - hope you don't mind me asking but are you very small? Its just that 50000 steps only being 13 miles is hugely different to mine. I have got a pretty long stride but even so...

Posey Sun 12-Jun-05 20:37:53

Sorry Earlybird, missed your post just then. Sorry to hear you haven't been well but hope you're feeling better now.

toomanypushchairs Sun 12-Jun-05 20:39:44

I'd love to join as I bought a pedometer last weekend, but..... i am now sulking as it fell in the boating lake at greenwich park yesterday!
I can hear you all laughing now!!!!

coppertop Sun 12-Jun-05 20:50:41

Earlybird - Yes I'm pretty small. I'm 5ft 2ins so my stride is fairly short. I hope you're feeling much better soon. xx

TMP - Oh no! I must admit I did smile though. Will you be getting another one and joining us? Maybe a waterproof one this time though, eh?

Posey Sun 12-Jun-05 20:51:29

Oh what a shame Couldn't you retrieve it?
I bought one for mil so she could see exactly how far she walks around the car boot sale and she dropped it down the loo. Still worked though!

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