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Has anyone else had success with Davina?

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TettyLouBar Sun 20-Sep-09 12:54:29

Hi there,
this might not be for everyone, but over the last few years I have collected Davinas exercise Dvd's (various well-meant crimbo gifts etc) ...well they sat on the shelf gathering dust for the past few years until DD reached the grand old age of one and I realised that my weight hadnt budged since breast feeding finished when she was 7 months.
So I started doing a few of her workouts and mixing them up with the different dvds each week. And I can honestly say Ive never been so fit, full of energy and my shape has really changed!!

Initially I just did the 40 mins of workouts 3-4 times a week without changing my diet at all. (My biggest down fall is a glass of wine in the evenings and chocolate). I didnt really lose any weight, but I toned LOADS and my butt, legs and arms have really shaped up. I started to fit into jeans and tops alot better even though I wasn't losing. (I did this for about 6-7 weeks religiously whilst DD napped)

Then 3 weeks ago i decided to use Septemeber as my post summer binge detox month and so far Ive lost 7lbs in 3 weeks!
I basically do the workouts 3 times a week (mixture of body sculpting, boxercise, aerobics, superfit and core stability. you need a small pair of dumbbells for low weight high repitition toning exercises) and Ive cut out alcohol completely and dont eat carbs after 3pm, I avoid bread in favour of rivita/crispbreads. Thats it!

I love my new look and people are commenting all the time that I have totally changed shape. Why didnt I do this ages ago???

Just thought I'd share my story as Ive tried EVERY DIET in the book over the years but the only thing that has worked for me is everything in moderation foodwise, ( I chose to cut out booze completely for the first month) and regular exercise.

Come join me??? smilesmilesmile

TettyLouBar Sun 18-Oct-09 11:15:22

Personally, I found that the only way it worked for me was to go cold turkey. I could never have the will power to limit myself to little amounts during the week.
The first week was fairly hard going but after I saw the initial weight loss it spurred me on to continue.
I think Ive mentioned all this right back in the OPs but I also cut out bread, in favour of rivitas and stopped eating carbs after about 3pm. Loads of steamed veg and salads.
I've now reintrodced small amounts of whatever carb we eat in the evenings as a family, but I really do only have a tiny amount to give me a taster. e.g. if we're having new potatoes, I'll have one sliced up and mixed in with loads of steamed veg to give me the taste, instead of having my usual 4-5 along with DH. (I think I could afford to have more than that if I wanted and still lose weight, but I choose to treat myself in other ways during day, like having
an evening snack like a chocolate mousse or something)

I think with me it was more than just an attempt to lose weight, Ive always been aware of the quantities I drink and have been meaning to do something about it for far too long. hmm It was a change of lifestyle that I intend to to keep up. smile
Its easy now, and was a lot more easier altogether than I thought.

grin good luck!!

40andproud Sun 18-Oct-09 12:14:12

Hi all,

I'm still plodding on with my calorie counting but after a week, I think I will only lose the excess 2 pounds from overeating IYSWIM. This week, the weight loss proper needs to start and as I'm averaging about 1600 cals a day, I need to cut down more and exercise more to actually lose any more weight. The wine is the main factor, I agree. I have about 2 glasses a day but it has been a long time since I had an alcohol free day blush. I can't cut it out altogether but I admire those of you that can. I would like to drink only at the weekends but have not managed this yet either sad.

Have not done Davina yet, I want to be in the house on my own before I summon up the courage!

Good luck to all. We're making mince pies today and I am only planning to have one, wish me luck!

TettyLouBar Sun 18-Oct-09 20:24:31

40, I read once that if your super super super good all day and exercise, you can have nice treats and stuff the next and alternate days and that you will lose weight that way. Ive never tried it so I dont know whether it works, but I guess it means proper low fat, no bread, salad for lunch, no carbs at dinner type day and then you can eat pretty much what you want (in moderation) the next and have a glass of wine. I'm guessing you might have to be careful with portion control on your treat day though and be careful no to go over board.

Dont know that this diet is called but I'm sure its out there somewhere on the net. Might be good for you? grin

40andproud Mon 19-Oct-09 10:51:28

Morning everyone,

I just wanted to share that I finally did the first part of Davina's Power of 3 DVD today (legs and bums)! I did most of it and feel suitably exercised now wink.

My average number of calories per day for the last week was 1700 and I lost 2lbs. I'm hoping to exercise more this week (only walking to and from school otherwise) and to cut down on the alcohol if possible hmm because I don't seem to be eating too badly.

Hope you all had a good weekend. Thanks for all the tips TLB and the encouragement. How are you getting on?

TettyLouBar Mon 19-Oct-09 12:05:33

Weight in tomo! Getting on ok with the healthy eating. No exercise today as Ive used every shred of time alone whilst DD at creche and napping to prep for job interview tomo. (been out of nursing for nearly 2 years so feeling a little out of practice and nervous)
Once tomo's out of the way I'm gonna get back into the dvd's for the rest of the week. smile

Good news is that the only smart suit I own actually fits really nicely for tomorrow! It definately wouldnt have done had it not been for my new eating and exercise regime so I'm feeling really chuffed with myself! grin

well done for getting your dvd's out! thats it now, no turning back! you'll be hooked!

40andproud Mon 19-Oct-09 13:06:37

Good luck for tomorrow TLB. I hope it goes well. Great news about your suit smile.

reikizen Mon 19-Oct-09 13:18:52

I've been doing the power of 3 and the 30 minute workouts for a while but got the 'super body workout' for my birthday. You can't imagine how excited I am about it blush but I have to turn the sound off the workouts now as I Davina herself drives me potty. Have lost no weight at all but legs and bum no longer wobble so pleased with that! Just can't stop eating massive amounts of food for some reason! Not 'naughty' stuff, but just huge portions. It's always nice to know you are not alone doing these things.

Smalline Tue 20-Oct-09 20:09:38

Hello peeps, have been so busy over the last few days haven't had time to report my weight loss for last week... I'm still on target, lost 1lb. I haven't exercised since Saturday when I did the aerobics, legs & pump sections of Davina's High Energy 5 dvd, I am now finding it a struggle to get out of my warm bed in the mornings to exercisewink.

TettyLouBar Wed 21-Oct-09 12:13:11

Well done Smalline! I lost another lb too. Keep it up, I know its harder to get out of bed when the winter mornings are so chilly, but its soooo worth it!

Gonna do Superfit now while DD sleeps. Made Carrot cake today for some friends popping round so need to balance my calorie burn with my cake intake!! wink

Smalline Wed 21-Oct-09 14:55:36

Thanks TLB and well done to you too!

How did you get on in your interview yesterday? I've got an interview on Friday, my first in about 30 years, I'm changing my career!

I managed to get out of my warm bed this morning and did my favourite workout, Supersculpt, with Super Abs, it was definitely worth itsmile.

I'm just going to ice my chocolate cake that I made earlier, hopefully I won't feel too guilty when I sample it laterwink.

reikizen Wed 21-Oct-09 14:58:02

Have now done 2 of the super body workouts and enjoy them much more than previous DVDs, music is better but wow, Davina's gurning and facial ticks are really bad aren't they?

TettyLouBar Wed 21-Oct-09 18:05:15

LOL Reikizin! Yeah she pulls really funny faces, I must admit, she never used to bother me with her yap and silly comments, but after the 100th time of working out with the same comments, you do feel like slapping her! hmm

Smalline, I'm sure you earnt that slice of choccy cake! My interview went well I think. It was a very short one to one and more of a group interaction type thing (nursing bank interview) so it wasn't heavy going.

must go, DD just wafted past me and she doesnt smell sweet! Change time grin

Smalline Thu 22-Oct-09 21:35:46

Managed to do pump & cardio box this morning. I noticed on Amazon yesterday, that Davina's new dvd called 'Fit' will be out on 28th December, I won't be getting that in my Christmas stocking thensad.

Smalline Fri 23-Oct-09 09:52:27

Tell a lie, it's 7th December, well I think it's her new fitness dvd, there isn't any blurb as yet.

Did Power of 3 this morning.

TettyLouBar Sat 24-Oct-09 16:24:19

Well spotted Smalline, been looking out for that one. Definately going on my crimbo list to santa! grin

jacyjwc Sat 24-Oct-09 16:36:05

I like Davina. I have 3DCs under 6 and started using mine when DC3 was about 6 months old (about 7 months ago) and DH was working late a lot. I do prefer to go for a run/cycle/swim/gym/class but this is what I use if DH is out, I have managed to get the kids settled in bed and fancy a workout. Her abs exercises are great and I think it did help a bit with tummy area.

I don't know if it is this specifically that has worked for me but just doing the workout stops me getting the evening munchies so it is worth it for that alone!

A friend who is a personal trainer told me that hers is the best of all the workout DVDs.

Smalline Wed 28-Oct-09 09:15:05

Davina's Supersculpt with super legs this morning, a fantastic workout!

No weight loss this week, I'm averaging at 1/2 lb per week, (lose one week, stay the same the next), that's fine with me, in fact anything is fine as long as it isn't going onsmile.

I've found this new exercise class which I tried on Monday, it's like Tae-Bo with super funky musicgrin.

TettyLouBar Sat 31-Oct-09 09:44:55

Hello all! Had a bitch of a week, came back from a friends wedding on sun and have developed 5 ulcers on my tonsils - apparently due to being run-down. Very very painful, haven't exercised all week. Havent been able to swallow food all week either so weight dropped a bit but not really for right reasons. Sorry I havent been on here for few days.
Hope your all still toning and working out? smile

Smalline Sat 31-Oct-09 11:48:40

Ooh TLB that sounds awful! poor yousad.

I'm thinking of not drinking alcohol during November, my friend laughed at me when I told herhmmgrin.

Went to the new class this morning, it was even harder than Mondays, had a different instructor, so my new weekly routine for the time being is going to be 2 exercise classes, Monday and Saturday, then 2 workouts at home.

How is everyone else doing?

TettyLouBar Wed 11-Nov-09 12:24:48

Hello all! Sorry Ive not been on here for a few a while, been away visiting family. I'm now firmly back on the workouts again. After nearly 3 weeks without working out I nearly died when I did super sculpt yesterday! What a difference a few weeks off makes. hmm

Atleast I now know that my fitness levels were considerably higher as a result of regularly working out!
Looking forward to hearing how your all doin?
I'm still slowly losing weight, normally 0.5 lb a week so its a slow process but Ive noticed that whenever I fall off the wagon and have a few treats the weight doesnt pile on really fast.
I guess its true what they say about the slower you lose weight the less likely you are to put it back on again!


Gismo68 Sat 23-Mar-13 23:14:07

Hi I'm new here I have been usin davina intense for a wee while now and have been on Weightwatchers but not really noticed a lot of difference giving up on the Weightwatchers and going to follow my own diet.i love doing the davina DVD feel great after it just wish I could loose my 9 lbs need to loose any advice mums.i do the dvd at least 5 times a week

princemoga Fri 26-Aug-16 10:29:18

I've never done a fitness DVD before but I've been feeling a bit out of shape for a while and thought it might help to kick start me into doing something about it. I love the fact that it has 7 minute, high intensity workouts as I have 2 young children, and the 5 week training programme gives me structure and something to work towards. After a week and a half I've only lost 1.5 lbs, shock but I've been sleeping much better, have more energy and am starting to see a bit of muscle definition! I would definitely recommend this DVD to others, but suggest that you do a stretch after every work out, not just when it is scheduled on the programme. Here is my review - Davina 5 Week Fit DVD Review

whatiswrongwithyou Sat 27-Aug-16 08:22:03

Wow - I was on this original thread back in 2009 and I still do the Davina Dvd's, plus Jillian almost daily and run several times a week. Would be great to see who else is still going!

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