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I NEED to lose a stone in 3 weeks

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Chesente Sun 13-Sep-09 13:54:43

I am due to enter a competition in 3 weeks which requires me to weight under 65kilos. (10st 3lbs)

I have always weighed around this mark but got on the scales this morning - after a few weeks of indulanges with take-aways and lagers and I've shot up to 11st 3!!

How the hell am I going to lose a stone in 3 weeks? I can't starve myself as I need to keep active.

Is it completely impossible? if so I'll have to pull out

Any help or advice appreciated.

brimfull Sun 13-Sep-09 13:57:33

do an atkins low carb diet for 3 weeks
no fruit/wheat/dairy
make it low fat as well

bloody hard but you should lose loads

Tidey Sun 13-Sep-09 13:57:41

I'm not sure if it's impossible, but it would certainly be difficult, not very safe and would probably not be sustainable. There isn't a healthy way to lost a stone that quickly, it would probably involve doing something very unhealthy like starving yourself or only eating cabbage soup.

Chesente Sun 13-Sep-09 14:02:15

I've just done a bit of google-ing and something called the "hollywood" diet keeps coming up.

Its basically a load of fruit, yogurt, milk etc mixed together and split into 2 portions and that's all you can eat/drink over 2 days.

Apparantly its guaranteed to knock at least 5lbs off in 2 days.

As you only do this for 2 days, would it be safe?

MistergodthisisSal Sun 13-Sep-09 14:21:40

I've done Lighter Life Light for 3 weeks, felt fine after the first couple of days, and lost loads.

It's basically 3 food replacements and one proper meal per day, and same principles as Atkins, so no almost no carbohydrates (you're in ketosis, so don't feel so hungry).

I stopped it as too busy at work at the moment so can't be bothered with diets right now, but I'd recommend it for your situation.

Costs a lot (£50 per week), but you only have to buy ingredients for one meal per day, so I guess you save on that. Oh, and the meal replacements mean you get all your vitamins and minerals for the day.

I wouldn't do the Hollywood diet you've mentioned above - no way could you get all your requirements, and no point entering this competition, whatever it is, if you're feeling ill as a result. (Going on the basis that you won't just do a 2-day once-off.)

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