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"i'm not overweight, im easily visible!"

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milknosugarplease Fri 11-Sep-09 21:29:16

well i like to think so!

i'm a big girl (size 24/26) but have now decided that i need to stop kidding myself that im happy and do something about it!!

first thing i need to nip in the bud, is evening snacking...i say snacking but calrie wise it has on occasion been a whole days calories (its awful i know) tonight i am on here answering posts and generally finding something to do, theres nothing in the house and the shop over the road shuts in an hour so im keeping busy!

i can eat nothing all day, then dinner then snack ALL evening till bed.

its an appaling habit that i need to get out of, or at least stop eating the shit i do!

i need moral support! cant do this on my own!

any tips or suggestions?!

thank you in advance!
milk (am currently full fat would like to be skimmed!!!!!)


Shoshe Fri 11-Sep-09 21:43:45

Hi Milk,

Like you back in Feb was a 22/24 decided that was it went to weight watchers, now a 16 (before and after photos on profile for tonight only)

You can do it, if you ge into the right frame of mind.

Set yourself a date to start, and gear yourself up to it.

But do it for you and you alone.

I will hold your hand if you would like.

milknosugarplease Fri 11-Sep-09 21:57:27

wow you look great! (yes i had a nosey!)

holding my hand would be wonderful, thank you!

i dont even know where to start! i know that sounds ridiculous but i have alot of weight to lose (9 stone) and its really REALLY daunting! i'll admit i think about it then think its far to hard! silly attitude to have but hey!

i was big al through my teens, im 21 now and have never been on a big ride at thorpe park or othe amusement park, i say its because im scared of heights...truth? im terrified im to big for the ride.

i put on this "bubbky" act, take the mick out of my weight (hence my thread title!) and generally look like i dont care. but it kills me to have to buy almost everything from evans, to be limited to so few things to buy.

im a nanny and picked up the baby the other day and felt she was so small against me who is so big, was horrible.

i put my head down everytime i walk past a mirror or window reflection, i would love to look in the mirror and think "you know what you look ok!"

where the hell do i start!!

thank you

milk xx

Shoshe Fri 11-Sep-09 22:06:13

If you can, I would go to either Weightwatchers or Slimming World, I have done both but found SW wasnt very good for me.

And dont think about the 9 stone (I had the same, have now lost 5 of it)

You need to start by looking at a managable amount, I started with a stone.

Also measure yourself, I found I lost inches before a really big amount of weight.

And eat breakfast I have 3 weetabix and a piece of fruit for breakfast.

I also drink flovoured fizzy water 2 litres a day, I find if I dont I dont lose weight.

If you want to email I am on nanny 475 at hotmail dot com.

milknosugarplease Fri 11-Sep-09 22:29:33

Hi, have done weight watchers for a couple of months in the past but wasnt sure about it, was looking at both again but unfortunatly there doesnt seem to be a meeting i could get to ( i work quite long or odd hours)

I have decided next Tuesday i will properly start (have to work this weekend and we are making cakes etc and have a planned family dinner on sun so would like to enjoy myself, and monday i have drinks for the first time in ages with the girls so again would like to enjoy myself) but i would like to start thinking about foods to eat etc.

my diet is crap right now! e.g. yesterday
b/fast-cuppa tea
midmorning-tea and FIVE biscuits
lunch-sandwhich crisps and fruit juice
evening-2x slice of toast whilst i made kids tea
dinner-spag cabonara
nighttime-choc, crisps biccys

its awfuk! and its not as bad as it usually is!!!!!!!!

used to drink about 3 cans of diet coke a day but have cut down to 4/5 a week so im getting there with regards to kicking the habit!

i try to drink 1l of water a day

REALLY nervous about measuring myself!-feel really full on nervous thinking about it!

what meaurements should i take?

thank you for all this

milknosugarplease Sat 12-Sep-09 20:43:40

oh im hungery!!

i know im not really starting until tuesday but figured id better start somwhere so my body doesnt go into shock from lack of shit food!!

but im hungery and there nothing but rubbish in the house!

im drinking more awater but now i need to pee more!! im like a sieve!!

still dont know which measurements to take-HELP!

people have said "eat sugar free jelly when your hungry"...i hate the stuff!!
so i need tips from you lovely mumsnetters!



Shoshe Sat 12-Sep-09 20:59:10

Sorry love have been doing EYFS planning all day (and tomorrow sad)

I measured from top to bottom.

Upper arms, bust, waist, hips, thigh, calf.

I drink the flavored water when hungry the sweetness usually satisfies me.

And I eat loads of fruit. Frozen grapes is a good one, they take ages to eat.

Dutch Crispbreads, extra low mayo and thin ham, tomatoes and cucumber and only 2 points for three Crispbreads.

milknosugarplease Sat 12-Sep-09 21:11:43

ooh bloody hell i dont envy ya there! i remember doing that at college when i did chidcare! that and observations in a nursry...ooh awful!

oh im desperate for a magazine to read but i know if i pop to the shops then ill come away with a magazine and several hundrd calories!!

i have to work tomorrow aswell and im takin the kids to the cinema...are snack a jacks one of those foods that pretend tp be good but are awful for you? i may take some caramel ones and some water instead of popcorn and diet coke!

i have normal water and added a bit of ribena (the one u dilute) not great but its that or chocolate!!

ooh frozen grapes sound good! and that crispbreads sound delicious!

did you measure yourself every week/fornight/month? the thought of that tape measure is scary!!


milknosugarplease Tue 15-Sep-09 10:14:00

Its tuesday!, didnt have a family dinner this weekend OR go out for drinks! but its tuesday so im sticking to it!

(despite the carrot cake muffins i made staring at me!)

havent measured myself yet, cant find a flippin measuring taoe for love nor money! theres some sort of weird measuring tape amnesty i reckon!

anyway, ive had some porridge for brkkie (slow release energy and all that!) and a cup of tea!

there will be posts from me all over the boards this week! especially in the evenings when i want something to eat! keeping busy!

Shoshe hiya!! hope your ok hun, and finished your EYFS stuff! xxxxx

babyball Fri 30-Oct-09 14:29:14

I will be following the thread with interest. Have an 8-week old baby and following a traumatic birth (EMCS) I have been what I refer to as "eating like a twat"!! My husband has been buying me cakes and cream, nachos and cheese and lots of other things to cheer me up. I was overweight before pregnant (15 stone) and I am now 16.5 stone (and only 5'2"). I was 17 stone at the beginning of the week, but have been eating healthily (mostly) this week and lost around half a stone. I too have loads to lose and I find it really daunting. The plus side is that I have always been quite fit despite being obese pre-pregnancy, but I am a little scared of launching into a full exercise routine this soon after a c-section. I am walking for an hour or two a day with the buggy round town to calm down my son and stave off boredom. Any tips and ideas most welcome especially from those who are like me who are or have been considered morbidly obese. Good luck milknosugarplease as well. I have a feeling this might be extemely tough for me!

babyball Fri 30-Oct-09 14:31:29

PS Shoshe. Well done on your massive weightloss. What kind of fizzy water? I am assuming the no-cal types??

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