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Dieting while breast feeding

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rickman Fri 03-Jun-05 10:09:39

Message withdrawn

rickman Fri 03-Jun-05 12:56:15

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Windermere Fri 03-Jun-05 13:24:01

I can't really give you any words of wisdom as I didn't manage to crack breastfeeding. I would have thought that dieting might make your milk less nutrious and lead to a hungrier baby? I plan to start dieting properly soon as I need to lose about a stone as well I have managed to lose a stone just by healthy eating i.e nothing too fattening in the week, 3 meals a day sensible type eating thing, you could maybe try that whilst you are still breastfeeding. I know what you mean about the flabby belly thing. Ds (9.5 mths) has discovered this new game which involves lifting up my top poking his finger on my belly and cracking up in hysterics when he watches it wobble!

starlover Fri 03-Jun-05 13:25:20

I don't think that what you eat has much effect on your milk production... that'll keep going whatever.

Just make sure you're getting a balanced diet though, because (obviously) vitamins and nutrients are passed on in the breastmilk.

Tommy Fri 03-Jun-05 13:42:35

I started Slimming World 4 weeks ago and I think I read something in their literature about dieting while pregnant or breastfeeding. Basically it seem to be a very low fat diet. I'm eating muesli and yogurt and fruit for breakfast, just had jacket potato and beans for lunch and will probably have pasta for dinner. Lots of fruit and veg and cutting out all the crap really!
Good luck. Maybe shouldn't tell you this but while I was feeding DS2 I couldn't lose any weight at all but it started coming off very quickly when I stopped

Nightynight Sat 04-Jun-05 07:57:44

hi rickman,
I lost around 1 stone 9 lb while I was breastfeeding, over about a year. No secret - I just ate less. Especially, cut out chocolate doughnuts! I reckon they werent contributing all that much to the breastmilk production!!

Yorkiegirl Sat 04-Jun-05 08:06:54

Message withdrawn

aloha Sat 04-Jun-05 08:52:19

I'm trying!

NickyJB Sat 04-Jun-05 09:09:49

I agree that SW is a good diet and full of healthy options. Im not going to start though until i finish breast feeding. I went on a diet a couple of weeks ago and my ds became constipated!!! Im sure what you eat must have some impact on your milk production/quality. The fat is just going to have to stay there for a little longer!!

Mosschops30 Sat 04-Jun-05 09:44:57

Message withdrawn

NickyJB Sat 04-Jun-05 10:13:10

Hee Hee You've got me hooked Mosschops. Am supposed to be revising for CIM exam on Monday but have been totally distracted! DS slept from 9.45 until 6.45 last night - first time ever - yipeee See you Wednesday

hercules Sat 04-Jun-05 10:14:51

You'd have to be starving yourself as in malnutrition for it to affect your milk.

Mosschops30 Sat 04-Jun-05 17:32:17

Message withdrawn

rickman Sun 05-Jun-05 09:33:51

Message withdrawn

Tabs Sun 05-Jun-05 09:43:39

Hi Rickman

Slimming World do do an online version of their membership which would avoid the need for you to go to classes. Have a look at their website Slimming World which should answer some of your questions.

The basic idea is to make each day either a 'red' day or a 'green' day, and on each day you can eat umlimited amounts of certain foods. eg on a green day you can have as much pasta, rice, potato, couscous, bulgar wheat, pulses, veggies, fresh fruit, quorn etc as you like, but only limited amounts of fish and meat, and on a red day you can have unlimited amounts of lean fish and meat, plus most veggies (not potatoes, parnsnip, beans, sweetcorn or peas), fresh fruit etc etc.

You also get measured quantities of milk and/or cheese each day as 'healthy extras'.

That's a very potted explanation, but hopefully gives you some idea.

We also have a SW thread on here, so if you follow it and get stuck you on something you can always come and ask us.

eidsvold Thu 09-Jun-05 05:58:30

I am breastfeeding and losing weight - was doing weightwatchers before I got pregnant and went back to that. I find it great - you get more food allowance - easy to follow - done on a point system. There is information regarding lactation. They tell you what you should eat extra. I have lost over a stone so far - been slow going.... but am determined to keep it all off so happy it is taking a while. They do an online version. I started out and attended a few meetings but now due to a change in my circumstances - I only go and weigh in and get whatever mags/cookbooks etc I want or ask the lecturer a question.

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