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hit argett, feel awful, anyone get the same

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reached my target dress size (dont use scales.

weight is still dropping off. getting comments to stop losing weight.

starving constantly, but when i eat i just cant face it upping my current calorie intake, and anything greasy/fatty / sweet gives me the bowk now.

still do plenty of exercise. not workouts, horse riding, rock climbing, activity type stuff.

eat plenty fruit , veg, fish , carbs.

but i just feel awful.

dizzy spells constantly.

technically i'm still overweight hmm on the BMI , so i dont use weight or BMI by what to go by.

does anyone else get like this? everytime i get down to my current size which is 14/16 i start feeling like this.

eating 2000+ calories ....

FlamingoBingo Mon 07-Sep-09 09:18:23

I've not got that far yet, but it might be worth you seeing your GP about this.

Dizzy spells and feeling generally crap can mean a number of things - low blood sugar being one. I wonder if you're eating frequently enough? Or enough carbs etc.?

GP is joke.

when i went a few weeks ago for a check up i asked to be weighed as i dont own scales.
she worked out my bmi... then started on a tirade of why i should get down to under 10stone hmm..... i'm a 14/16.... still weigh 15 stone.... imagine what size i would be if i lost 5 stone....shock hmm sad

have been tested 3 times for blood sugar. each time they say its fine. also been tested for iron levels.also had my eyesight checked.

i have breakfast,lunch and dinner. same times with dc everyday.

today i've had, tea, banana and toast.... and dizzy already. sad

i'm going to have to go back and really give her a hard time aren't i?

FlamingoBingo Mon 07-Sep-09 17:56:44

Or go and see another GP

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