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Support for evening snackers!

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looneymum Tue 01-Sep-09 19:45:57

Good evening Ladies. How do you manage to keep your hands out of the biscuit tin after the DCs are in bed? I have lost a good amount of weight recently on the "adultering husband diet". Now that things are starting to sort themselves out and I am less stressed, I am finding more and more that I can consume a packet of pringles in one sitting. I am intending to get rid of my "big" clothes in the next couple of days so that I can't grow back into them. Any great advice out there on how to stop the evening binging?!!xx

DLI Tue 01-Sep-09 19:47:46

i only buy crisps, sweets and biscuits that ds likes and i don't. that way i am not tempted!

Tortington Tue 01-Sep-09 19:49:54

dont buy them

i know its trite - but its true

dont buy them

buy fruit

make your own ice pops

looneymum Tue 01-Sep-09 20:01:38

Hi. Thx for the tips. I try not to buy yummy stuff but even when I only by "kid friendly" stuff, when the munchies really strike, there is no stopping me! Keep the tips coming please... am sure I have some old custard creams lurking around somewhere..... just need a big tub of will power!

looneymum Thu 03-Sep-09 09:35:16

Morning ladies. Just thought I would keep you posted of progress on the evening snacking front. Have managed two nights of not stuffing my face in front of the telly. Have done tons of sorting of kids stuff and have done exercises which seems to really take away the need to eat... am going for the world record number of sit ups! Have a good day. x

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