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Thats it,im 31 just found thread veins and stretch marks and cant fit in my jeans!!!Help!!!

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shatteredmumsrus Thu 27-Aug-09 19:01:55

I have been a 10/12 for years now and always done some form of exercise whether it be the odd aerobics class or jogging.My weight has been creeping up for around 4 months now,basically i eat shit and dont do any exercise and feel like shit too!!! Just had a coffee and 6 custard creams (last blow out). I keep meaning to do something about it but never do. Enough is enough now, I was 9 and a half stone and am not 10 and a half!!! Cant believe it, by the way im only small 5'2" so it shows. Just been to visit my outspoken Dad(havent seen him for a bit) and he said to my step mum 'I told you she looks better hefty'!!! That has done it. I have 2 small boys and findin getting out to the gym hard - just kicked arsehole of a partner out too! Anyone got any help or advice or want to join me. I am going to eat normal food, no junk and do some form of exercise. Just made my linch for tomorrow, tuna with light mayo, red onion and cucumber mixed in a small tub and im taking 4 Krisprolls and some fruit too?? That good or what?

madwomanintheattic Thu 27-Aug-09 19:09:12

also 5'2". nearing <lowers voice> 11 stone, but have just moved and scales don't arrive for another couple of weeks, so can't be sure...

have tried to shift it twice, but what with moving and stuff have failed miserably, so third time lucky, right?

(lol at 6 custard creams though - i have no biscuits in the house and have been wandering out the kitchen like old mother hubbard)

3 kids, two dogs, but school starts on monday so i'm looking forward to some time to exercise (i'll work week on/ week off when i start my new job in a month)

i have to find lunch.... <ponders>

shatteredmumsrus Fri 28-Aug-09 18:48:23

Its hard isnt it, theres soooo many other things to do and planning a healthy diet comes last on the list. I have been good today, special K, an apple and a banana. Tuna salad on 4 Krisprolls. Half a pot of mango biopot and a weightwatchers mushroom and brocolli wedges. Good yeah???? Cant stop thinking about my sweet tooth now tho

madwomanintheattic Fri 28-Aug-09 19:01:03

lol. again i haven't had breakfast and it's nearly lunchtime. last week dh did the supermarket shop - he asked what we needed and i said 'loads of fruit and veg'. he bought a bag of grapes... and we ran out of tuna a week ago.......

sooooo, all week i have been scavenging rubbish. i might take the kids to town this avo and do a shop myself - at least that way i am to blame for what i consume lol!

i loooove mango biopot <craving emoticon>.

we've just moved and i'm having a real problem working out what to buy - the food is so different and very 'fast food' oriented, it's a nightmare! the supermarkets are a 40 minute drive so i'm going to have to plan too...

ah well. new adventures etc. i take it your boys aren't at school yet? fortunately mine are, and they start at their new place on monday, so that'll be the proper start of the new routine. grin

shatteredmumsrus Sat 29-Aug-09 16:56:41

they go back the 7th. Ive had exactly the sae to eat today plus I baked a banana in the oven and spread it with nutella - whooooaaaa its nice

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