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Swimming for exercise and also information about non wheat grains

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IlanaK Tue 25-Aug-09 20:31:15

Ok, I have one year before we start trying to conceive dc4 and I am mega overweight and unfit. A year is not long enoug for what I need to lose, but its a start.

Anyway, I am joining LA Fitness next week, not to use the gym, but to swim. I have just ordered a water proof case for my ipod as I find swimming laps boring, but i am definately going to do it. I will be able to go twice a week (once midweek and once at the weekend).

Sooooo, any advice on this? I am an average to middling swimmer. Not done it for ages, but I know how. My technique is probably terrible - I think I am best at breaststroke. Any tips?

Second question is about whole grains. I am going wheat free and want to avoic potatoes too. So, when the family is having pasta or potatoes, I plan to have somethig else. What sort of grains are really healthy that I could have instead?


ChocolateGirl Tue 25-Aug-09 21:33:30

I had quinoa tonight (in a fit of "must get healthy and eat less white rice..."). It took fifteen mins to boil in a pan and tasted a bit like rice! Meant to be very good for you. Feeling suitably smug!

Can't help with the swimming, I'm afraid!

Best of luck!

Montifer Tue 25-Aug-09 21:47:21

I found this a useful site for tips on how to improve your swimming stroke technique.

A useful statistic I was told before I lost weight a few years ago is unless you are marathon running (or similar) weight loss is over 90% down to what you eat.
Obviously the exercise is great from a fitness, endorphin, toning point of view but it really is what you eat that makes you thin or fat.

Good luck smile

IlanaK Tue 25-Aug-09 21:51:25

I think the issue with exercise is that it helps overall fitness which is something i need to improve before getting pg again. Especially as I get bad spd.

Quinoa - will try it.

Any others?

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