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Have any of you tried Zumba ??

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mummyloveslucy Mon 24-Aug-09 17:47:30

Hi, I am thinking of buying the Zumba fitness DVD's. They look like a fun way to exercise.
I just wondered if anyone could let me know if they are any good. Thanks smile

mummyloveslucy Mon 24-Aug-09 18:21:55


mummyloveslucy Mon 24-Aug-09 18:33:01

anyone ?

namechangingmum Mon 24-Aug-09 18:36:35

I did a Zumba class a couple of weeks ago. It was good fun, based on Latin music and rhythm (salsa, samba, mambo etc etc). You don't need to know the moves in advance as it builds choreography as you go. I also do Body Jam which is a similar class but the music is more varied.

Zumba was good fun - give it a go!

mummyloveslucy Mon 24-Aug-09 18:41:58

Thanks, I will. smile

Greatfun Mon 24-Aug-09 20:02:46

I go to a class every week and love it. In fact I was meant to be there tonight but missed it angry. Very annoying.

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