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food focus recall anyone still out there? Want to join me again? Want to shift a stone

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lilianfox Mon 24-Aug-09 00:55:09

Hi just wondered if any of you who were part of the original ff thread are still out there? Or anyone wanting to join?

After my initial loss back in April/May before I went on holiday I haven't shifted anymore weight as i have been lacking motivation. I found the thread really helped at the time with having some group support.

I'm going to try again. I'm gonna weigh in tomorrow am and take it from there on the ff. I'm going to go for 1381 cals per day aiming for 1lb week loss. My current weight is around 9.9lbs and i want to lose a stone. PLease join me xxx

lilianfox Mon 24-Aug-09 08:48:00

Weighed in this morning at 9.9 stone so if I stick to 1381 cals per day then ff expects me to reach my initial goal of 8.12 stone by November 8th.

I hope you will join me.

BrightShinySun Mon 24-Aug-09 11:01:44

Hi, didn't know what food focus was but am just starting out trying to lose about 2st so looked it up - it's great! Just the sort of thing I needed! I'm currently 11st11lb and trying to get to about 9st10lb, it reckons I'll be there by 3 December which would be amazing.

I started running, well jogging actually, yesterday and intend to go tues, thur and sun and I'm following a 6wk plan to try and build up to running about 5k in about 35mins. I did the race for life this year and did in 45mins with no training so it should be a managable goal.

To be honest although I want to lose weight its more the inches I want to get rid of so if I find I'm not losing much because I'm building up muscle from running I won't mind as long as I'm going down in clothes sizes!!
Am a 12-14 now and would love love love to get back to a size 10!

Babbit Mon 24-Aug-09 11:06:34

I started again last week after a holiday and post holiday lull. I am feeling pretty motivated but it is my and my DS's birthdays this week, so I will follow until Wednesday and then slack off until after the bank holiday. From then I am going to go for it. I am going to do Couch to 5K too and have downloaded the podcasts.

I can be my ideal weight by November and I'm thinking I could be in a gorgeous dress for Christmas.

Good luck everyone!

Babbit Mon 24-Aug-09 11:07:56

I'm 10st 5lbs and want to be 9st by the way.

lilianfox Mon 24-Aug-09 22:37:05

Hi there

Brightshinysun & Babbit glad you're going to join in. I started to go jogging a few months ago but stopped so hopefully i might get the motivation back to do this as well. The plans you have to do a 5k run sounds good and will burn loads of cals.

BBS I am also a size 12-14 (prob more a 14 at the moment) and I would love to get back down to a size 10..even a 12.

What kind of days had you had? I have had a reasonably good day food wise but sometimes I find it a little difficult to enter all food on the ff when we're having a family meal. But I think i stayed within my cals today.

BrightShinySun Tue 25-Aug-09 07:47:17

Hi all. My day yesterday wasn't too bad, like you lilianfox I find it a bit hectic getting all the dinner things into ff but was suprised as I only roughly calculated cals when preparing (just fish veg potatoes)and it was less than I thought so it was worth doing!

I'm doing a similar thing to the couch to 5k Babbit but over a six week program someone else mentioned on another running thread the other day. I tried downloading the podcasts from the couch to 5k website but couldn't get them onto my crappy mp3 player - I need an IPod!! Going jogging tonight so we'll see how we go with that, at the moment I'm doing a warmup walk followed by 2mins running, then 3mins walking times three.

How is everyone else today?

AvadaKedavra Tue 25-Aug-09 08:08:43

lillianfox this is just the kick up the arse I needed, I was TOMP on the other thread, I will be back next week, I have put on so much weight probably about a stone and I need to get sorted out once and for all.

leothelioness Tue 25-Aug-09 08:26:34

Excellent ff is back!

I will join too I need to loose about 5 kgs or 11 pounds.
I am allowed 1100 cals per day and my goal is 1.5 pounds per week.
According to food focus I shoud reach my target weight on the 15th of October.

Lucifera Tue 25-Aug-09 14:26:50

hi folks
I did FF fairly religiously for a couple of months, I got down to my target weight (10.3 from 11.3) and then carried on losing, although I stopped using FF. Now I'm 9.9 which is less than I've weighed since my teens - I'm quite amazed. FF worked really well for me and if I need to lose again will definitely go back to it. Now I need to concentrate on keeping it off - which is always difficult after a few months ... wish me luck - and good luck to you all.

leothelioness Tue 25-Aug-09 19:32:13

great job Lucifera I wish you luck with keeping it off!

I will be starting ff again from tomorrow so hopefully can loose that pesky stone which refuses to shift (nothing to do with all the kebaba and chocs I keep craving)

ChocolateGirl Tue 25-Aug-09 21:38:39

Can I join please? Am trying to lose a stone (and a bit - but we'll deal with the bit when the stone's gone!!).

Have never heard of FF but will look it up in a minute...

I'm 5'4" and weigh 9st 13 - would love to be 8st 10 (at the heaviest!). Have tried to eat more healthily this week and to get more exercise... but the beginning is always so hard, I find!

Anyway, off to google FF...

lilianfox Wed 26-Aug-09 01:31:23

Hi there everyone

glad you are all going to join us!

Welcome back AvadaKedvara & liothelioness yes i remember you from the previous thread I am sure we can do it this time.

Chocolategirl welcome I think we may be about the same. I am also 5"4 and wanting to lose about a stone. I would love to be 8.10 again. It was several years ago now just before I got pregant...the time has flown by and I haven't managed to shift it permanetly.

Congratulations Lucifera that's a fantastic loss. I'm glad you popped in to tell us about it. It gives me some renewed motivation.

I am going to try and do things abit more gradually this time and I'm aiming for 1lb loss per week that way i can have a few more calories and not feel so deprived and then end up going overboard eating when i don't stick to it.

Brightshinysun did you go jogging? I had quite a good day again and I think I stayed within my cals & no snacking this eve. I am trying to keep some cals back for the evening when I always feel so hungry so that I can have snack etc if I want to. I have been having a fun sized chocolate bar & a hot choc light and that seems to be managing my craving!..for now.

leothelioness Wed 26-Aug-09 12:04:29


this morning is not going so well but will try to make up for it this evening by not eating so much. Maybe I will cange mine form 1.5 lbs per week to 1lb too

labyrinthine Wed 26-Aug-09 12:07:44

hello could I join in please?
I lost 1 stone with ff but am starting to slip a bit.
I am 11 st and want to be 9 st 7 lb.

ChocolateGirl Thu 27-Aug-09 18:58:41

Well, I managed to accidentally put the wrong start weight into FF so it thinks I started at 8st 13, mysteriously gained a stone in the next hour - and then lost two pounds two days later!!

But I have lost two pounds since I got back from my holiday 10 days ago! Yippee!

l'fox - glad you're about the same as me, we can encourage one another.

laby - welcome! let us know how you're getting on.

I am feeling quite motivated as I have managed to change from drinking tea to drinking green tea - this means I no longer have a biscuit (ok, 6 biscuits) or a choc bar with my cup of tea and that is helping. Hope this feeling lasts...

Annner Thu 27-Aug-09 21:39:05

Hi there,

I was on the other thread, too - in fact, it could even have been me who killed it!

I'm still working on it. Currently 65.6 kg, en route for 61kg from a starting point of more than 70 kg.

Finding the going tougher in the school holidays with less zooming and more hanging around the kitchen. Not losing at the rate I'd like, after a few blow-outs while camping and with friends.

I'm also five weeks into Couch25k, which I'm enjoying and even if the weight isn't falling off at the rate I'd like, I'm definitely losing inches around my waist and hips.

I'm glad we're back: it was rather gloomy coming over here for a look and seeing the thread falling further and further down.

lilianfox Thu 27-Aug-09 23:12:00

Hi there

Welcome Labyrinthine glad you're joining us. A Stone loss is brilliant with the ff.

Hi Anner what is this couch2 5k? I have heard a few people mention it now.

I've had a reasonable couple of days. No major snacking in the eve and only vegetables etc but equally i don't think i'll be seeing any big loss this week but maybe doing it more gradually is the key for me to keep it off long term as when I have managed to get the motivation to really cut my calories low i.e around 1,000 per day sooner or later I always seem to end up having a blow out!

So far though keeping to healthy eating etc with my fun sized snack bar!!!

leothelioness Fri 28-Aug-09 15:03:39

I am hoping to start the couch to 5k too once the kids are at school in a week no necesserally to loose weight but need to tome up. I have not been going on ff as no time but have been walking alot and trying to eat more veg and fruit and then I weighed this morning and I have lost 4lbs since sunday so I am now in shock how on earth did that happen.

lilianfox Sat 29-Aug-09 10:06:04


How are your weekends going? I haven't had a very good start to the weekend blush Last night i had a bit of a feast!

I'm gonna try and claw it back for weigh in on monday! Although.. I know it's bank holiday.

Congrats leothelioness on your loss!!!

labyrinthine Sat 29-Aug-09 11:55:59

Hi there lilian~same problem here!

I am so good when in a phase of being out and about and swimming etc,but now I'm at home with rainy days am slipping into bad habits!
Had some chocolate yesterday oops blush

Sending will power to all ~think how those clothes will look!

Annner Sat 29-Aug-09 19:24:46

Couch25k is a beginner's running programme which does what it says on the tin. It gradually builds you up from mostly walking with 60 second runs in week one to running for 30 minutes in Week 9. There are podcasts with music and instructions to tell you when to walk and when to speed up for a run. You can do it all at your own pace, repeating weeks if need be. There is an excellent thread over on the sport and exercise board, but you can get the gen over here

I hated running at school and was totally pants at it, but I'm actually enjoying this - last week I did my first 20 minute run in Week 5, and it felt great. And as all you need is a decent sports bra and some good-ish trainers, it's one hell of a lot cheaper than joining a gym. Three half hour sessions a week (after the kids are in bed if they are tiny; while they are at school if they are not, weekends etc.) and you are on your way.

Do join us, Lillian! There is another thread on sports and exercise for those of us who are nearer the beginning than the end - 'tho I suppose that doesn't really apply to me any more grin smugly.

We hired bikes with the kids and went for a fifteen mile ride through the New Forest today. I was fairly restrained in the fabby pub that we stopped at for lunch, and instead of diving head-first into a bowl of chips I actually had grilled plaice and new potatoes. I still had the chocolate creme brulee, though. But felt that with DD behind me on a tagalong all day, I had earned it!! Felt good for a holiday weekend to be a good-for-exercise day instead of a disaster.

Hey, chocolate isn't baaaad. Just too much of it, every day!!

Good luck y'all.

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