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Help me get my sexy back!

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Squidmission Wed 19-Aug-09 13:56:52

I'm in a right state. I am over 2 stone overweight, have dull skin, groggy looking eyes with dark circles from lack of sleep and my hair has not been cut and coloured for about a year (the greys are visible and its looking a bit lank hmm).

So, I know I need to get to a hairdressers but please give me your help and advice to get back to looking decent.
(youngest dc is nearly 2 so I think its the right time to sort myself out smile)

Squidmission Wed 19-Aug-09 19:32:28

bumping for wise evening mners smile

TalkIsCheap Wed 19-Aug-09 19:48:07


hair is a must

get your eyebrows done too

drink more water

cut down on coffee

low carb

think about how to get more sleep

good luck

SemperEadem Wed 19-Aug-09 19:50:45

With regards to the extra weight - maybe join weightwatchers or do you have time to do an excercise dvd a few times a week? I walk everywhere and find that helps - as pushing a 2 stone toddler in a buggy uphill is great resistance training! I have also started centering my meals around what veg I ma serving it with and eating a smaller amount of carbs. I was ridiculous and would eat toast for breakfast, sandwhiches for lunch and then dinner would be pasta or potatoes or oven chips etc etc with something. Now I make sure I have a large portion of protein, a larger portion of veg and a fist size portionof carbs. I think it is dangerous to cut them out totally but a little reduction was definitely of benefit to me!

Buy some exfoliator and a body brush. Exfoliate twice a week, body brush every day before a nice bath and slap on some body lotion afterwards.

Obvious re the hairdressers. Do you have enough funds to stretch to a nice moisturiser? File your nails every other day and then paint with a clear nail varnish (this helps me to feel more groomed).

Nice eye cream, or slices of cucumber or cold tea bags over the eyes. Paint your toenails (makes me feel better).

This may seem like a long list but I often find that it doens't take too long and I feel so much better when I do these things.

Oh and drink lots of water, eat as much fruit & veg as possible and cut down on the booze & tea/coffee.

Squidmission Wed 19-Aug-09 21:57:02

I like the body brush and exfoliating idea.
Do eye creams make a difference? I'm willing to try it if it does.

I need to sort out my diet. I turn to snacks too quickly and can't wait for meals.

I'll up my water too as I don't think I drink enough.

SemperEadem Thu 20-Aug-09 09:18:00

I think so - if not in reducing the shadows then simply by improving the skin around the eye area which cannot be a bad thing!

Diet and exercise is probably about 90% of the improvement needed - once that is sorted, your skin will reap the benefits. The other stuff is just maintenance and nice to haves iyswim.

Good Luck.

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