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Slimming World online, just joined, have a few questions, can you help please?

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SecondhandRose Sat 15-Aug-09 18:11:14

Hi there, I have just joined Body Optimise but I have a few questions and can't find answers on the website.

The diet they suggest to follow is 'Extra Easy' which seems to be neither red nor green days so which books should I buy from Ebay?

If I continue stuffing these Muller Lights as they are free food surely there is no way I will lose weight? Should I be sticking to a certain number a week?

Thanks, appreciate any and all help. From a failed Lighter Lifer

ConnieComplaint Sat 15-Aug-09 21:38:51

You can have as many muller lights you want, providing they are the free ones & not the layered ones!

I think they are bringing out a new extra easy book - but you know it would be cheaper joining a club (there are a lot of half price offers on at the minute!) and getting your pack, staying for the explanation talk the first night and after that if you want to go it alone you'll be prepared (Hopefully there's a club near you)

I've seen some of the books going for £10 & more then by the time you pay postage etc... it works out expensive! So if you join it would be £10 at most (If you can't find any half price offers!) & you get all the books & all the explanations!!

Come & join us here and read all about SW & get some support & encouragement

SecondhandRose Sun 16-Aug-09 08:43:36

Thanks so much CC, am on my way over there.

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