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I've just joined Tesco Diet help!

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randomtask Thu 13-Aug-09 15:05:47

I've had my meal plan done.

There are loads of what I would call snacks as part of meals (yogurt or fruit after them) that I'm not interested in eating (would rather eat something more filling) unless as a snack (of which I can have one a day) and for some reason, there is a mix of soya/normal dairy products (I'm vegetarian but eat all dairy) so I'd be buying ingredients that I'd only use 2tbsp of a week which feels like a rip off and a waste (DH and DSS are willing to share evening meals with me if we can add meat in).

If anyone has any experience/knowledge of this, please could you let me know if I could swap some of the snacks for say a little Quorn or something which might fill me up or be vaguely more interesting? Also, could I just use all dairy or all soya and alternate weeks?

It's also got 4 'hot' lunches in the week which I won't be able to do as I don't have the facilities at work. Do you reckon I can re-arrange 2 to weekend lunches and then just have a low fat style sandwich instead?

I hate feeling like I've just spent money on something I can't stick to and I don't want to cheat (or eat extra calories/fat) but I've just tried to work out having the 'alternatives' and it's confused me even more! I'm feeling all defeated now and I was feeling wonderfully positive 'I can do this, I'm going to lose weight' about 10 minutes ago. sad

VelvetCushions Thu 13-Aug-09 20:13:49

I did sign on to the Tesco diets ages ago. As far as I can remember its quite easy to swap and change meals. You just click somewhere (not very helpful - sorry!) and a big list of alternative meals comes up.

randomtask Fri 14-Aug-09 09:18:36

That's ok-thank you. I managed to find the meal swap although it had nothing with my beloved Quorn!

I've arranged it so I get lunches I can eat and so I can say buy a pot of hummus and have more than 2 tbsp. DH and DSS love hummus so I'll get rid of the rest of them.

I think it'll be the same as what I'm eating now with slightly more fruit (which I like) and smaller portions.

Fingers crossed as I signed up for the fitness bit too!

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