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Am starting Slimming World today! What staples will I need for my food shopping?

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letsgostrawberrypicking Wed 12-Aug-09 15:54:26

Am also getting a Tesco order tomorrow so would really appreciate what things you always need to buy for the recipes, and any tips, so i dont have to have the temptation of going and buying things! i.e this Syns thing, what do you have as a treat?


letsgostrawberrypicking Wed 12-Aug-09 17:06:15


Alpen light bars are good as only 3 syns each or have 2 for free as one of your healthy extras. The choclate orange ones are quite nice.

Lots of muller lights as they're free.

I have curly wurlys as a treat as 6 syns each.

You will need fry light spray. Lots of fruit and veg. I use a lot of fat free fromage frais on green days in pasta dishes.

letsgostrawberrypicking Thu 13-Aug-09 16:46:43

Thanks Stripey, I have stocked up on those things. Are the mullers free on both red and green days? And can i ask how much you have lost/over what time? Thanks smile

Muller lights are free on both days as long as you don't have the ones with the fruit puree layer on the bottom. Even the ones with choc sprinkles are free!

I've lost 5.5lbs in 4 weeks, well actually I've lost 6.5lbs but the first week I actually put one lb on! I have stuck to the food optimising part of it strictly but I've certainly ahd days where I've gone over my syns, had a choc bar, had an ice-cream, etc. I've got used to not snacking as much between meals. Whereas before I'd have a choc bar in the middle of the afternoon now its kinda of a choice between an alpen light, a muller light or fruit and if I don't fancy any of them then I figure I'm not really hungry and don't have anything.

letsgostrawberrypicking Fri 14-Aug-09 15:43:37

Thanks for that and well done! 5.5lbs and a few extra choc bars is my ideal diet grin

Good luck with it.

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