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Really fed up and need to talk :(

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Fimbles5 Mon 03-Aug-09 09:36:57

So I finally decided enough was enough after breaking down in hairdressers about the amount of weight I had gained in the last six months and the fact I was feeling so miserable. So picked myself up, dusted myself down and began eating healthily two weeks ago, and I have been sooooo good
So week one weighed in and lost 2.5 pounds, not bad but not great considering first week. Week two not finished until Wednesday but considering I have cut out all the crap, been exercising up to 4 times a week and drinking more water, jumped on scales this morning and have put on 0.5 pound. So am now feeling crap again. I am going away in a few weeks and had convinced myself I could lose 0.5 stone before then. Not looking good is it.

mygoodmorning Mon 03-Aug-09 09:43:09

Have you been counting your calories? Sometimes you would be surprised how many calories you are eating even though you have "cut out the crap". Also what sort of exercise have you been doing? Would it be worthing joining a slimming club? Where you can have the extra help you might need also the fright of having a weigh in every week, keeps you on the straight and narrow. Also it may be the wrong time of month, a little water retention or maybe you need to drink more water?

Fimbles5 Mon 03-Aug-09 09:47:11

I have been following weightwatchers so have kept within my points everyday (even over the weekend, when I find it most difficult). Hubby is into exercise grin no not like that, I mean knows what he is talking about so has sorted a gym programme for me including weights, lunges etc and running (we have a treadmill etc). This I have been doing four times a week. Maybe its the water retention, and next week all will be great.

dcgc Mon 03-Aug-09 09:48:20

Definately join a slimming club. You get loads of support from the other members which really helps your determinaiton to succeed. Also they teach you about different foods. I consider myself fairly sensible about what food I eat and thought I was pretty healthy, but it turns out some stuff which I thought would be absolutely fine, isn't! Having a weekly weigh in and something written down monitoring your progress really does help. I know it sounds really sad but when you get certificates for doing well etc it really does encourage you to keep going (must be the 8 year old child in me)! Good luck.

gingernutlover Mon 03-Aug-09 09:51:20

don't wiegh yourself more than once a week, wieght goes up and down all the time.

with the exercise you have been doing, it may be that your body has held onto some of the calories until it gets used to you new regime.

I would say that to lose another 4.5lbs before you go away is totally doable, wieght is one of those funny things that doesn't come off in exact chunks - stick to what you are doing, make sure you eat your points (eating less points does not mae you lose wieght more quickly)

Well done for making a fantastci start

chimchar Mon 03-Aug-09 09:54:26

well done on getting started.

if you are being really good, it WILL come off...i have learned that i tend to hold on to my weight, for a week or two, and then get a big loss...5 or 6 lbs in one go.

keep at it, and it will show. good luck! x

gingernutlover Mon 03-Aug-09 09:54:36

i personally couldn't stand ww meetings, just found the ones i ended up in were ones where the leader said the exact same thing every week and then it descended into a competition of who could find ways of cheating or make the funniest comments about things they shpouldt have eaten.

however, some people i know have lost loads with ww going to meetings so it obviously works for some - if you dont want to go to a meeting, would your husband do a weekly weigh in for you (could even get some gold stars too LOL)

DidEinsteinsMum Mon 03-Aug-09 10:02:33

just remember that muscle weighs more then fat and it will be the inches that tell when you shift into a new exercise plan to loose weight. I suspect that you have lost fat weight but built leaner muscle that weighs more then the fat lost when comparing volumes. Keep with it and you will see the difference. Exercise is good and bad when you are loosing weight. As most people dont realise about the weight comparisons they get down when the scales dont show the difference.

...sorry tired. Make sure you are sleeping properally as that will affect your weight to.

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