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I'm 6 wks post-natal - anyone else want to join me in losing some pounds?

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Gillyan Sat 01-Aug-09 13:46:03


I had my 2nd baby girl 6 wks ago this Monday and therefore the 'diet' begins this Monday.

I have a stone of baby weight to lose ( have lost 2 stone without doing anything ) but my pre-preg weight was 14 n half stone and I'm really hoping to do something about it.

I should be 10 stone for my height but I'll be happy if I lose 3 stone.

Might follow Slimming World as have done this before and still remember all the garb but I'm not attending any meetings as have no time with 2 LO's. Just going to generally cut back and make healthier food choices.

I think I'm going to order Davina McCalls post natal DVD as heard it is good but not sure I can do it yet as had a section. Going to go out and walk with baby in the carrier as often as the wetaher will allow and am going to start using my wii fit.

Anyone want to do it with me for some moral support?

JigglyPiggy Sat 01-Aug-09 15:38:38

hi gillyan

there are a few of us here that are also trying to shift the weight post baby if you fancy popping over?

Im also doing slimming world so if you need any info on that give me a shout smile

oh and i am trying to motivate myself to use the wii fit more so please feel free to boast about how much time you have done on it to spur me on grin

xxhunnyxx Sat 01-Aug-09 22:32:28

Hi Gillyan, thought I'd come and join you.

I usually try and stay under 11 stone but before I got pregnant my weight had crept up to 12 stone and on Monday I was 13 stone 6 but started dieting on Monday and today I was 13 stone 2 so I can't grumble with that grin.

I lost 3 stone following weight watchers a couple of years ago so I'm doin it again but not bothering with meetings cos a) I'm skint and b) I can't find the time for the meetings.

Gillyan Sun 02-Aug-09 21:16:37

Hiya hunny I have gone to threas that jiggly recommended above. activity and lydia have joined that one too.

I'm not doing meetings either for the same reason. Well done on your loss so far! Mines starts tomorrow!!! Dreading it!

horsemadmum Sun 02-Aug-09 21:43:27

Hi Gillian

i too have a little girl,born 28/06/09 and a son who is 22 months old. I was between 12 and 12 and a half stone pre preg. I have always struggled with my weight, i am 6ft tall and currently weigh about 13 stone 5, so have a stone still to go. I am ebf, someone told me that as soon as i stopped breast feeding i would lose another 10lbs as your body hangs on to this whilst bf !! Hope this is true !!!
Started exercising this week, have the Davina DVD and recommed it although it is very low impact -suited to earlt post preg exercise.
Would love to join your group xx

Gillyan Mon 03-Aug-09 00:04:55

Hello horsemadmum Think I will get the Davina Mccall one as looking for low impact to start because of the c/section.

Weighed myself on the wii fit and my start weight is 15stones & 12lbs! eek.

Right here's to a productive healthy week.....

Gillyan Mon 03-Aug-09 00:07:27

horsemadmum i have gone to the group that jiggly recommended above, come over there xx

I didn't mean to post on this one (above ) getting confused!

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