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Slimming World - could I just do it during the week and get results?

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Tinkjon Tue 28-Jul-09 22:09:02

For reasons to dull to go into, I'm thinking of trying SW Monday-Friday and not dieting at the weekend (but without being a piggy!) Do you reckons I'd be able to lose anything like that, or do you have to really do it every day for it to work? Thoughts?

tkband3 Tue 28-Jul-09 22:14:23

I lost 2 stone on Slimming World, but I still had a takeaway curry every saturday. I cook every other night of the week and my saturday night curry was my night off (we don't go out much grin).

It took me 18 months or so to lose the weight and I would definitely have lost it more quickly if I'd been more strict with myself, but I would also have found it more difficult and would probably have put the weight straight back on.

So yes, you can do it that way, so long as you don't go mad every weekend, but be prepared for a slower weight loss.

Tinkjon Tue 28-Jul-09 22:48:03

That's good to know, thanks. I think it would really suit me during the week, I just couldn't do it on weekends.

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