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Out for dinner tomorrow, doing Slimming World - what do I eat?

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Am worried as this is my first meal out since starting the diet.

I've found the menu online, healthiest options are;

Grilled Plaice Fillet served with Chervil (herb) New Potatoes and a Lemon Oil Dressing £11.50

Spicy,Sticky, Pork Belly served with Lemon Grass Noodles £12.50

Char-grilled Chicken with Corriander,Lime and Garlic Butter served on a bed of Char-grilled Mediterranean Cous Cous £ 12.75

Crab and Lobster Tagliatelle served with Fennel Coleslaw Salad £13.00
Lavender Scented Lamb Steak served with New Potatoes
£ 13.50

Sirloin Steak, served with Home cut Chips, slow roasted Plum Tomato and flat field Mushroom.

Would the tagliatelle be best if I left the coleslaw? Or would the chicken or the plaice be a better option?

annoyingdevil Mon 27-Jul-09 22:02:47

I'd go for the grilled fish (which will be free on a red day) New potatoes will be a healthy extra and count the dressing as syns. Or if it's olive oil, that could be your second healthy extra.

Furball Tue 28-Jul-09 06:59:22

I would have the steak and ask for a salad (no dressing) instead of the chips

That's a good idea Furball. I'd prefer steak to plaice as well.

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