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Has anyone tried Davinas workout video?

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Mosschops30 Sun 22-May-05 23:20:04

Message withdrawn

Flossam Sun 22-May-05 23:28:58

It is good.Unfortunately I got bored of it, but I think that happens with any kind of video. Had me all sweaty and breathless though! Hope you enjoy it. I really like her trainers, they're lovely!

Gwenick Sun 22-May-05 23:29:13

Haven't tried it - but recently sold on on Ebay - and they selling like hot cakes - so obviously very popular (I'd recommend a look on there as there's some great bargains if you should decide to get one)

Mosschops30 Sun 22-May-05 23:32:58

Message withdrawn

jeweljilliancaitlin Mon 23-May-05 00:06:39

Hey everyone!!! At least the ones who remembers me when I discussed having a novre active thyroid & high blood pressure after having my five month old now. Im 34 soon to bre 35 in Ausgust & you ladies & you know who you are that told m ethat I would be just fine was right!!! And I love you 'cause I paniced for nothing. But we also have decided that two girls are enough at 4 1/2 years apart we did great!!!! The only diet that I am mamintaining to lode weight & to keep it off is walking atleast 3-5 miles early morning & investing in a exercise ball that will & trust me WILL get the ab in Demi Moore shape in less tahn 2 weeks.NO fat intake & NO sodas period.And only lean I mean xtra lean 95% fat free ground beef & fish for 6 days w/beautiful salads.When the kids are napping be creative,make a salad with romaine lettuce green & red peppers celery you name if its grown by God, its healthy & NO Tartar sauce or dressings try olive oil w/balsamic vinager & Organic honey dijon mustard 'cause of the low sodium ans 0 cholesterol! Keep this up for a week and like said you will have a rock hard & lean body.

Good ladies Jewel

Gwenick Mon 23-May-05 00:32:39

£18!!!!! that's a lot - 'average' price is about £14-15!!!

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