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Can anyone motivate Moozoboozo to slim down her fat ass?

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moozoboozo Sun 22-May-05 13:57:50

I reckon I have about 5 stone to lose and i don't want to spend the whole summer in jumpers and thick trousers that "hide" my excess baggage. I wanted to do SW, but due to a serious cashflow prob, I cant really afford the fiver a week. Anyone got any good suggestions? This fat momma wants to be fat no more!!

Yorkiegirl Sun 22-May-05 14:18:10

Message withdrawn

Louise1980 Sun 22-May-05 14:30:13

Do you know any1 who is in SW who can get the stuff for you? My sister is going to get me the stuff from Weight Watchers coz I need to loose about 3-4stone sharpish.

I might add since coming off the pill my appetite has changed. Is that a coincidence?

moozoboozo Sun 22-May-05 14:31:46

I have got some stuff left over from when I did WW a couple of years ago, so I will probably use that, but I am just so shite at sticking to diets, and DP keeps coming home with yummy treats.

Louise1980 Sun 22-May-05 14:36:10

Tell him not to. I remember when my ex was on a diet and if I bought treats for him I was put on a sex ban! It wasnt funny!

I got my own back by proving chocolate was a substitute for sex! Hence my weight problem!

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