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A few pouinds to lose - ideas for the best way please??

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notyummy Thu 23-Jul-09 10:05:07

I know, I less, move more blah blah.

Bit of background. Going on holiday beginning of September. Want to be the same weight as last year. I am 5 10 and currently weigh 11 stone 2. Last year was about 10 stone 12, so have about 5 or 6 pounds to lose.

I know this may sound pretty heavy to many people, but this sort of weight looks about right on me, and means that I am a 10 on top and 12 bottom. My body fat % is OK (25/26%), BMI is fine and waist measurement well within the healthy range. I want to lose weight because my clothes feel slightly tight - and I scared of getting on a slippery slope and ending up putting more and more on.

I exercise quite a lot - circuits/running/yoga/pilates. I try and do 3/4 aerobic sessions (either a 5-7 mile run or Billy Blanks Boot Camp work out) a week plus 2/3 toning (30/45 minutes of pliates/yoga or weights. Maybe I need to change my exercise?

My diet is mainly healthy, but I have been guilty of hanging round the biscuit tin at work, so I think that may be responsible for the few pounds that have arrived (or maybe its just getting closer to 40 that has done it!) I therefore vow to cut out biscuits and cake (perhaps a few squares of green and blacks everyday instead?)

Are there any other hints/tips, or even better magic products that actually work in terms of dropping a few pounds or toning up bottom/thighs?


notyummy Thu 23-Jul-09 10:27:56


notyummy Thu 23-Jul-09 11:40:09


cvyes Thu 23-Jul-09 11:47:06

Hi I'm 5'9" and have am on day 5 of the Jason Vale juicing diet which should hopefully make me 7lbs lighter after 7 days! I weighed 11 9 on day 1 and I long for the days pre children where I was a happy 10 4!the 1st 3 days on this diet were really tough but now am into it all and although I haven't weighed in yet my clothes are definitely looser! In addition to this I won an exercise bike off ebay for £10 & just 20 mins a day on this is really helping to tone legs & bum!
Good luck, let me know what you decide

duckyfuzz Thu 23-Jul-09 12:00:26

i've just lost a stone in a month by cutting out most carbs and wine Mon-thurs - I had a lot more excess than you though and although I have stuck to it, I haven't had such dramatic loss in the last couple of weeks and you may find it slower

notyummy Thu 23-Jul-09 12:30:56

Hmm, interesting! You sound fairly similar to me cvyes - I've got less to lose....but only because I am setting a higher target IFYSWIM! Might have a look at the juicing thing.

ducky - I don't drink much at all at the moment. Probably on average twice a month at weekend - although if I am on holiday its a different story. I work 4 days and have a 2 1/2 to 3 commute on each of those days, so fitting everything in can be a challenge, and I avoid alcohol on work nights.

I did the GI diet a few years ago and it seemed eminently sensible. IIRC it involved cutting out alchohol and cutting back on processed carbs - only limited amounts of new potatoes and wholegrains allowed.

Will have to do some research.

Any other ideas out there?

notyummy Thu 23-Jul-09 15:59:49

Right off out for a run - approx 1300 calories eaten today and run should burn off around 550 apparently. Aiming for around 1800 per day with exercise 5 days a week - may need to do more cardio and less toning...although muscle burns more calories. Will look up juicing stuff tonight.

Any other thoughts folks.

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