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Should I join Slimming World tonight?

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There is a meeting near me on a Tues. A friend reckons its good. I have a stone to lose, maybe a bit more.

I used to do Rosemary Conley classes and didn't lose anything, I did WW online for a bit and ditto. I did Food Focus online for a bit and did lose some but got bored of it all and put it back on.

I have a sweet tooth and no motivation and an aversion to cooking. Is there any hope for me or would it all be a waste of time?

AnnieLobeseder Tue 14-Jul-09 17:26:55

Slimming World is brilliant! I lost 2.5 stone and it's very very easy.

Of course there's hope for you!

Good luck!

BintOfBohemia Tue 14-Jul-09 17:30:41

Tis good but make sure you write stuff down and check properly - I didn't in the first week and put weight on! It is good if you can't stand being hungry. It worked for me, but I got bored and went back to WW in the end. I like to switch between the two...

McReverie Tue 14-Jul-09 17:32:38

SW worked for me but am I the only person to find the classes soooo dull? Esp when they go through everyone individually, I get really embarrassed and although it's great to hear other people doing well I don't find it at all motivating. I used to do WW and found their meetings much better (no WW near us)

I did find Food Focus good but think I need the motivation of a class and potential embarrassment of a weight gain to keep me going. Or I just get bored with it all.

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