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About to do a shop, healthy shopping list ideas - I'm Veggie.

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MistyGee Tue 14-Jul-09 11:14:08

Hi all, does anyone have any ideas for quick veggie snacks/light meals? I have 10mo DS so need to be simple-ish. I need to lay off the cheese, biscuits and buttered toast that are so easy to grab, but carrot sticks not majorly appealing...i know i'm bad!
Was thinking low fat yoghurt..maybe..i just love dairy too much blush
i don't get to exercise much so need to cut down on crap.
Just wondered if anyone had any suggestion? esp for eve meals which always seem to be grilled chicken/fish in diet recommendations.

lauralou123 Tue 14-Jul-09 20:38:21 fave snack is Kalo savoury (aka marmite) rice cakes, but only good if you are in the love marmite camp.
Berries also a good option at this time of year. Maybe seeds? I don't find them very filling but they are great in theory!
Or maybe the quorn cocktail sausages for snacking? Not sure they are great in terms of fat content thou.

I'm afraid our evening meals are a bit rubbish, my youngest is 9 months so I feel your pain on the cooking front! Sainsburys be good to yourself tuna fishcakes are nice. DP is obsessed with tesco vegetable fingers due to their low calorie content but i'm not quite so sure about the taste.

Sorry if these are all rubbish ideas!

lauralou123 Tue 14-Jul-09 20:39:58

sorry, just remembered that I am a cheat and not a proper veggie so the fishcakes are probably a bad idea!

bigchris Tue 14-Jul-09 20:46:38

loads of fruit and veg
get innocent smoothies to drink when you feel peckish

MistyGee Wed 15-Jul-09 11:11:00

Thanks, will try the tesco veggie fingers, sound tasty.
I got some rice cakes, 99% fat free crackers, low fat houmous and low fat cream cheese to put on top, with some quorn slices.
Got loads of veggies and half fat halloumi cheese and tofu so i can do veggie kebabs and put them in pitta with some 0% greek yoghurt.
Also got loads of frozen veg so i have no exzcuse for grabbing junk when i can have a load of veg for tea. Got some steam bags of veg to shove in microwave for when i can't be bothered.
Just had rice cakes for breakfast, so feeling a bit deprived and miserable, ha ha!

lauralou123 Wed 15-Jul-09 15:46:24

That shopping list is fab, you really didn't need any suggestions!

If you get sick of rice cakes for breakfast (would it be too cruel to tell you I had chocolate bread for my breakfast!), DP swears by having a small handful of maple and pecan crunch mixed with shape yogurt. Good luck with the diet!

MistyGee Wed 15-Jul-09 21:52:07

I just sort of took ages going round the supermarket groaning at things i couldn't have, and picking up things that look healthy!
Ahhh i will try that cereal/yog trick. Had a salad for tea, now picking at crackers and craving something sweet, like biscuits! Must break habits!!
Chocolate bread sounds amazing right now.....wink

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