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Toning/Firming Cream ?

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2bayumimum Mon 13-Jul-09 11:28:41

Hi there, now Ive lost all the weight I need to, with the exception of the final 3 lbs, although I am pretty happy with my shape and size ( size 10 for this first time in my life ! ), I have got a wrinkly, fairly saggy tum, which although improving a bit with sit ups, will never return to what it was like pre babies/EMCS. Can anyone recommend any good firming/toning creams that might help improve things at all ?

Surgery seems much too drastic a step, so hoping there is something easier out there that might help. Thanks

firstmum45 Mon 13-Jul-09 13:59:22

Hi there I'm bumping for u on this one.

How much difference has the sit ups made I ask because my tummy is just like yours.

I am a size 8 and can wear a bikini but depending how and when I bend I get that bit of horrible crinkly skin there is not enough of it to warrant a tummy tuck (not that I could afford onegrin) but will start the sit ups if u think they make a difference and yes deffo need a good firming cream

2bayumimum Mon 13-Jul-09 14:48:21

I have the same problem as you, fine in a bikini, until I bend over and then have that horrible, wrinkly sag. The sit ups have made a difference and Im going to try and double the amount I do each day, but think some firming cream will make some difference too, just don't know which one to get, as would prefer to pay a bit more for one that works, than less for one that doesn't.

Luckily my DH is not bothered by the crepey tum, but given that Ive worked so hard to get such a toned body, I feel a bit deflated that Ive got this sag, that won't fully go away

Anyone out there with any recommedations ?

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