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Ideas for quick weight loss please................

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blondissimo Thu 09-Jul-09 08:41:04

I wouldn't normally want to lose weight quickly as I know it's unhealthy and it will go straight back on, but I have just looked at the calendar and realised that it is 7 weeks until my wedding!!! Eek! I have had ages to lose weight, but having a child under one who has been quite poorly at times, I have found myself eating whatever I can to get by, and also comfort eating a bit. I guess I just kept thinking, I've got plenty of time. But now I've realised I don't.
Ideally I would like to lose 2 stone, but I realise that is impossible, so any quick detox ideas greatly appreciated.
Please don't just say "stop eating" or "eat healthy", as I do know these things will work, but only long term, and I also know I need to do some vigorous exercise, but finding the time is difficult.
Thank you x

thighsmadeofcheddar Thu 09-Jul-09 08:48:19

You could try slimfast. Replace 2 meals a day with it and try and eat healthy other meal. I think it falls off pretty quick with that.

Or you could do weight watchers. You could probably lose a stone in that time doing that, and a bit healthier than the slimfast.

Good luck!

MissisBoot Thu 09-Jul-09 08:50:53

Buy this book and do the six week body challenge - its hard work but will get results.

Lizzylou Thu 09-Jul-09 08:54:05

Juicing is great and gets results, healthy and easier to stick to in the summer.

Or yes, Slimfast.

I lost 20lbs in 2months at Slimmers World.

Try a plan that you think will work for you, drink lots of water and try and do more exercise (DVD's at home or do more walking if you can't get out to a class).

Good luck and congratulations on your forthcoming Wedding!

blondissimo Thu 09-Jul-09 09:05:51

Thanks ladies! Will definitely be getting the Matt Roberts book. Isn't he a celebrity personal trainer? Also have heard good reports on juicing. I had tried going for a run in the evenings, but didn't stick to it. I always do this. In the past year I have started and stopped: a fitness dvd, weight watchers, home exercises, going for an evening run, and probably more. I had great willpower in my teens and early twenties and I just wish I could get it back. I guess I used to go out a lot and wear a lot of skimpy clothes, whereas now I spend 99% of my time at home with junior.
But I must get this weight off for so many reasons including my health.

bottletopbill Fri 10-Jul-09 10:18:31

WW is the best for me and works Ive lost 17.5 pounds in 10 weeks....I had 2 stone to loose and in the first 3 weeks losts 8 pounds.

I know that this isnt going to help but you HAVE to stick to it or anything else you only works if you are focussed and stick to the plan

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