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Slim Fast support thread anyone?

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beaniebaby25 Fri 03-Jul-09 09:32:19

I’m starting Slim Fast today and wondered if anyone else who was currently on it or wants to start fancied chatting about it here?

Hope someone wants to join me… if not I’ll just use this thread to post hopefully my weight loss!

I also had a few questions… I really like my weetabix in the morning. If I continue to have this before I leave for work, then have a shake around 10am can I write my weetabix off as a ‘snack’ but just the other way round? Then have a shake for my lunch at around 2pm? Then a break of maybe fruit about 4 and then a 600 cal dinner. Will this still work?

I have been on the food focus thread and continue to use the site to add in my slim fast shakes etc and my exercise (will continue gym 3x week if I can) – going for the two-pronged approach now!

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