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Cambridge Diet?

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Gillian76 Mon 16-May-05 18:09:06

I was wondering if anyone had (or knew of someone who had) tried this diet?

I posted a while ago about my weight loss attempts and have since tried and failed at Slimming World.

I read with interest the thread on LighterLife but unfortunately there is no counsellor for this programme in my area. The Cambridge sole source phase seems similar, but without the weekly meetings.

I wonder if taking a total break from food might help me to break free from the control it seems to have over me at the moment. I expect the weight loss will be rapid, as with the Lighter Life plan.

Anyone care to share their experience (positive or negative!)?


Gillian76 Mon 16-May-05 23:38:54

Nobody tried it then?

hotmama Wed 18-May-05 11:32:05

Please,please,please don't ever do this!

I did it in the early 90's and did lose lose of weight. However, when you start to eat again it piles on like there is no tomorrow - I went up to 16 stone from just over 8 stone - in just a few months - not surprisingly I became and bulimic - but I am now sorted. At the time there were awful stories in the press - for good reason!

I know it is boring but the best way is to expect slow results, eat healthily and increase activity levels. There will be periods when the weight loss stops or you put a bit back on but you just have to persevere - FWIW I rate Weightwatchers and apparently the GI diet is good.

assumpta Wed 18-May-05 17:34:45

My sister went on it years ago, after having 4 babies in quick succession. Only did it for w*kr of a husband. She did lose weight, but not in the right way. It all went back on again.

soapbox Wed 18-May-05 17:54:26

There are lots of threads on the Cambridge diet on the Discovery Healt forums!

WigWamBam Wed 18-May-05 18:21:21

If you feel that food is controlling you, rather than the other way around, then IMO no diet, however good, will allow you to break free of that control. You don't need a diet at the moment, you need to find out why food has such control over you, and re-establish a healthy relationship with it. It might sound a bit OTT, but I think that The Eating Disorders Association may be able to help, or see your GP about some form of counselling.

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