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2 stone to lose as fast as possible! how?

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MrsGum Tue 30-Jun-09 21:38:04

am still 2 stone overweight at 9mths post-natal, still breast-feeding too - can I do Atkins diet when breast-feeding?

someone give me a light at the end of the tunnell!

curlygal Wed 01-Jul-09 19:27:55

Hi Mrs Gum

I kept a lot of my "babyweight" on while I breast fed DS - despite everyone else telling me how great BF was for getting your figure back!

I wouldn;t advise doing an actual diet while BF, you could try cutting back on treats and exercing a bit more and see if anything happens?

I didn;t manage to lose any weight at all until I gave up BF when DS was one, I got back down to my pre-preg weight fairly easily and stuck at it for a while until I develped the habit of eating my picky toddler's left overs and I now am a stone over the weight I want to be...

I got really down about being bigger - I was two stone overweight too and felt minging. I just kept thinking how important it was for me to BF DS and I wanted to keep BF him more than I wanted to lose weight IYSWIM?

MrsGum Wed 01-Jul-09 21:39:44

just don't understand HOW I am still overweight when ds is feeding so much still.
how come I'm not burning it up??

lilyfire Thu 02-Jul-09 00:30:15

I was feeding a baby and a toddler and still lost no baby weight until I went on a diet. Couldn't really understand it. I'm sure it's not recommended but I did eat small breakfast and lunch but only eat vegetable soup (lots of it) for dinner and I did lose 2 1/2 stone in about 3 1/2 months.
With my first one I found that I didn't lose much until I stopped breastfeeding and went on a diet. With no. 3 I decided couldn't wait until I finished feeding, so did the vegetable soup thing.

MrsGum Thu 02-Jul-09 09:35:57

yep, think diet is the answer!!!!

good idea about the veg soup!!

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