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Pedomoeter Club 2005 - week 19

(2 Posts)
MadameButterfly Mon 16-May-05 10:19:50

Hi all

Results for week ending Friday 13th May are:

Madame Butterfly: 95,794
Posey: 69,985

Anyone else that wants to join is is more than welcome to.

Just count your steps from Saturday morning to Friday night and either post your results on the new thread that is started each Monday or email them to janreid2003 at yahoo dot co dot uk.

For the next couple of weeks could you please post your own results. My parents are visiting next week and I am away on holiday the week after.

Good luck everyone.

coppertop Mon 16-May-05 10:22:19

My total for last week was 50,961 - not too bad considering I'd only done 34,000 by Friday morning.

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